Wide open expanses call like never before.  While places like Yosemite and The West have always found their way into our collective consciousness, stirring us through social media or politics, their metaphors of perseverance, strength and receptiveness carry a new weight.  

Bob Kolbrener has been photographing these landscapes for over 50 years with his large and medium format cameras.  He knows first-hand the important messages and lessons that these places can impart, crediting Ansel Adams who concisely articulated the experience best when he said:  ‘The great rocks of Yosemite are the most compelling formations of their kind. And you cannot casually pass them by for they are the very heart of the earth speaking to you.’

Much like Mr. Adams before him, it is easy to see in Mr. Kolbrener’s images a benevolence and power in grand landscapes, of the earth calling to us.  

Yosemite and The West, Photographs by Bob Kolbrener, will open at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Village on Sunday, August 23rd and run through Saturday, October 10th.  While we are unable to host a reception due to COVID-19, we do hope you stop by to see these incredible large scale, gelatin silver photographs in person, and all that they speak to. 

Last Updated on September 23, 2020