Vaughn Hutchins
PO Box 1321
Blue Lake, CA  95525-1321


1987 and 1988 – Scholarships to attend Friends of Photography Workshops (Carmel, CA)
1981 – B.S., Resource Planning and Interpretation, Humboldt State University, CA
1975 – Study Abroad, Lincoln University, New Zealand, full school year

Professional History

2018, April        Artist-in-Residence, Zion National Park, Utah
2017, September         Panel Discussion member, “Made By Hand”, PhotoCentral, Hayward, CA
2017, September         Artist-in-Residence, PhotoCentral, Hayward, California
2008     Panel Discussion member, Humboldt Art Council Art Forum, Eureka
2007 to Present           Taught workshops in Carbon Printing at:
Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops, CA
PhotoCentral, Hayward, CA
University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Cosumnes River College, Sacramento, CA
Humboldt State University, CA
Newport Art Center, Newport, OR
Focal Point, The Visual Arts Learning Centre
, Vancouver, BC, Canada
and private lessons

1991 to 2015 (Retired) Instructional Support Assistant (Darkroom Technician). Humboldt St. University Operated and maintained the photography facilities (darkrooms, classroom and studios).  Assisted faculty and students with all aspects of photography.  Led field trips and workshops for students.

1995 to 2001    Taught photography (including darkroom use), ages 8 to18 years old.
HSU Children Art Academy/Studio School, Summer Session (two-week sessions)

1994     Team-taught photography class, Humboldt State University Summer Session

1989 to 1995    Workshop Assistant, one per year, Friends of Photography Workshops, Carmel, CA

1990     Workshop Assistant, The Photographic Center of Monterey Peninsula, Southern Oregon Workshop

1985     Workshop Assistant, Owens Valley Photographic Workshops, Photographic Processes Workshop

1981 to 1990

May through October: Forestry Technician, Mendocino National Forest, Covelo Ranger District, CA
Duties included but not limited to: Wilderness ranger, mule packer, trail construction/maintenance,fire-fighting, campground maintenance, and fire-lookout

November through April: Contract tree-planting and land-restoration work in Humboldt County. Volunteered at Humboldt State University as a darkroom assistant for the Art Department.

1979 and 1980, Summers
Fishery Biologist Aid, Mendocino National Forest, Covelo Ranger District, CA
Counted summer-run steelhead and mapped their habitat, Middle Fork Eel River
Selected Shows

2017                 Made By Hand, PhotoCentral, Hayward, CA, Group show

2015                 Solo show, Upstairs Art Gallery, Arcata, CA

2015                 Upstairs Gallery, Arcata, CA, Group show

2015                 F Street Gallery, Eureka, CA, Two-person show

2013                 Solo show, Gallery 1401, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2011                 “Area of Refuge”, F Street Gallery, Eureka, CA, Two-person show

2008                 “Wide Views”, Twain Tippets Gallery, Utah State Univ., Logan, Utah, Group show

2007                 Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite National Park, Group show

2006                 Piante Gallery, Eureka, CA, Four- Person show

2006                 The Ansel Adams – John Muir Trail Exhibit, Mumm Napa Gallery, Group show

2005                 Himawari-no-Sato Gallery, Konan-Kumin-Bunka-Sentah, Japan, Group show

2005                 Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite National Park, Three-person show

2004                 Mumm Napa Gallery, Rutherford, CA, Group show

2003                 “Three”, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, Three-person show

2001                 Morris Graves Museum of Art, Group show

1999                 Ink People Gallery, Eureka, CA, Three-person show

1998                 Mumm Napa Gallery, Rutherford, CA, Group show

1996                 Ink People Gallery, Eureka, CA, Three-person show

1996                 College of Art, UST, Kumasi, Ghana, Group show

1995                 Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite National Park, Two-person show

1994                 Solomon-Dubnick Gallery, Sacramento, Group show

1985                 Solo show, Humboldt Bank, Arcata, CA

1984                 Monterey Museum of Art, Competition/show


I have entered and had photographs accepted (with some awards) the following years at the Yosemite Renaissance Show/Competitions, Yosemite National Park.

1996 (2 pieces)
1999 (3 pieces)
2004(2 pieces)



2009                 The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, 2nd Edition, Christopher James
Two images; platinum and carbon processes

Multiple            ViewCamera Magazine, images printed.


Autobiographical information

I grew up in a Los Angeles area suburb with all the trimmings; Little League, Boy Scouts, body-surfing, high school basketball, and a desire to be a forest ranger. I left SoCal and headed to Humboldt County to attend college. I printed my first photographs in the employee darkroom on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in 1977. I was pumping gasoline and cleaning windshields for the Fred Harvey Co, the concessioner in the National Park.  My father had given me his old Rolleiflex and that summer I explored both the Grand Canyon and photography.

Returning to Humboldt State University, I began to take photography classes along with my studies in natural resources management.  I began to work for the US Forest Service during the summers, and upon graduation became a permanent seasonal employee.  This allowed me to spend winters volunteering at the university as a darkroom assistant – helping to run the darkroom and helping students.

I assisted at Friends of Photography workshops in Carmel, CA, once a year over a seven-year period…an incredible opportunity to meet and work with other photographers.  I enjoyed many solo photo trips though out the American West in my 1971 VW Beetle, and in 1981 spent 3 months hitch-hiking in New Zealand with a 4×5. I returned to New Zealand in 1986 for a 6-month solo bicycle tour, again with my 4×5 camera.

In 1991 I left the Forest Service and worked for Humboldt State University, running and maintaining the student darkroom for the Art Department (retiring in 2015).  Due to this experience and my nature, photography has always has an educational element in it for me. In 1992 searching for a better way to portray the light I found under the redwoods, I taught myself a 19th Century photographic process, Carbon Printing.  It took a couple years, but I found a way to make prints that reflected the quality of light I was seeing reflected off the landscape.  A time-intensive process, it yields a photograph which has a raised relief.  This gives the image a wonderful sense of depth.

In 1997, I became a stay-at-home-father to our set of triplet boys.  Priorities shifted for a while, but eventually my boys became part of my photography, as they are a part of my life. Using the 8×10, I began a series of the boys in the environment, teaching myself another photographic process along the way, Platinum Printing.  I began giving workshops in carbon printing, first to our university photo students, then at other colleges and photo programs like the Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops and PhotoCentral (Hayward, CA).

I grew up with yearly camping trips in Yosemite.  One of my earliest memories is getting lost in the campgrounds after watching the Fire Fall…and another is laying on an air mattress, floating down the Merced between the campgrounds.  Many years later, my boys accompanied me to Yosemite, so they grew up exploring the Valley and creating their own memories…and occasionally helping their dad with his 8×10 camera up the trails.

My most recent adventure was a month in southern Chile. I was traveling and camping with my two sons, Alex and Bryce, while they were on their college winter breaks. I took my 100 year-old 5×7 camera and came back with an awe of the land and light I experienced.


Artist Statement

Growing up, I passed two photographs as I walked down the hall to our family/TV room …very large photos, framed in old ornate frames.  I always marveled at the very fine detail, with the most interesting photo being of people standing on a train (with two steam locomotives) stopped in the Sierra Nevada.  The other is an image of the Three Brothers, peaks I know well from family camping trips to Yosemite.  Many years later I found that they are original Carleton E. Watkins photographs from the 1800s…and an excellent influence on my future photography.

Early in my photography I realized that I was attracted to the shapes and texture of the light being reflected off the landscape rather than just the objects (trees, rocks, etc) reflecting the light.  It’s a minor realization, but it led me to an appreciation of light itself; how it can be used to create meaning and bring the viewer deeper into a photographic image.  My photography continues to be an exploration and a celebration of the light on the landscape.

My tools for this exploration are large format cameras (4×5 to 11×14) and B&W sheet film…using the negatives directly to make prints using one of two 19th Century printing methods; carbon and platinum printing.  I do not crop nor do I significantly manipulate the image (burning, dodging, etc).  This challenges me to study the light as I find it, to see it with intensity, to capture that light onto film, and to then print in such a way that the light will carry the viewer away.

As the artist shapes with tools, the tools shape the artist. Process and materials influences the final work, and the way the artist sees and communicates.  I hope you enjoy my work.