Shades of Winter – Photographs of the Seasons

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Shades of Winter – Photographs of the Seasons

Winter, with its hushed sounds, elegant tones, and striking hues, imbues the landscape with an apropos sense of hope and wonder to ring in each new year.  There is a growing grace to each successive day that cannot be understated, and with it, fervor for creating and artmaking.  As with every season, the promise of light has its unique characteristics, from the brilliant days of summer skirting the shores of a High Sierra lake, to the spectral atmosphere at the base of a waterfall in spring.  But in winter, it seems the playful, ephemeral spirit of the season, alight in the reverie of new beginnings, reveals on the horizon a spirit unlike any other time of year that keeps our gaze and speaks to our hearts.  With this in mind, it is no mystery then that memorable works of art – especially those made in the shelter of Nature – are born out of this seasonal ethos.

Please join us at The Ansel Adams Gallery starting January 9th through February 26th for our new exhibition Shades of Winter, as we share some of our favorite photographs from this magical season by Anne Larsen, John Sexton, Roman Loranc, William Neill, Michael Frye, Jeffery Conley, Bob Kolbrener, Keith S. Walklet and Charles Cramer

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