Reverence – Platinum and Silver Photographs

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Reverence: Platinum and Silver Photographs by Jeffrey Conley

Jeffrey Conley is a renowned landscape photographer who specializes in traditional black and white prints. His  photographs are expertly crafted and made utilizing conventional darkroom processes in small, limited editions.  His work has been widely exhibited and collected by private notable art institutions and enthusiasts around  the world. Conley has also had two monographs of his artwork published by Nazraeli Press., Winter, 2011, and  Reverence, 2018.

Conley’s photographs strive for a balanced simplicity that evoke his sense of wonder and reverence for the  natural world. Scale and palette vary, from small, intimate and subtle, to large, grand and dramatic. In all he  seeks to capture a meditative spirit that uniquely defines his approach to photographing the landscape. He strives  to create luminous hand-coated platinum & palladium prints that he feels possess a distinctive richness unique  to traditional photographic processes.

Conley’s prints are made in a darkroom utilizing the platinum method, a 19th century hand-made print making  process evocative of alchemy. Each unique print is hand-coated with a hand-mixed emulsion formula featuring  platinum and palladium metals. Platinum prints are considered among the most permanent of the photographic  print making processes due to the incredible stability of the platinum group of noble metals. The prints are  characterized by an exceptionally long and delicate range of velvety tones and a warm image color. Conley feels  that the platinum process bestows a radiant shine and the resultant prints possess a distinctive luminosity.

Please join us at The Ansel Adams Gallery for his exhibition “Reverence” opening on November 14th and running through January 8th, 2022 in Yosemite Valley.   For more information, please email our curator at or call 209.372.4413

Last Updated on February 26, 2022