Yosemite Artwork from the Source

The Ansel Adams Gallery respresents over 20 artists whose artwork embodies the stunning landscape and soul that is Yosemite National Park and the Amercian West. Several of our represented photographers are former assistants of Ansel Adams or students.

Below are links to artists and work available through the Ansel Adams Gallery.
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Ansel Adams’ Remarks, Democratic National Convention, 1968

September 13, 2017/by rfclient

Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake

February 20, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams House, Commercial Work, Teaching & Cameras – Video

Step inside Ansel Adams' house and studio in this episode of Advancing Your Photography. Ansel's son shares stories about his father's lesser known commercial work and his teachings. Plus we get an up close look at Ansel's personal camera collection!
September 8, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Marie Cosindas – Pioneer in Color Art Photography

Ansel met Marie for the first time in a creative photography…
June 4, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

William Neill – A Retrospective

June 13, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

8 Ansel Adams Photos of L.A.’s Changing Food World in the 1940s

In 1939, Fortune magazine asked Ansel Adams to get some photos…
August 18, 2014/by rfclient

A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL! The Ansel Adams Gallery’s Inaugural Exhibition at AIPAD

The Ansel Adams Gallery proudly featured some of its finest examples…
April 16, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Unearthing the Enigma of Moonrise

October 30, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

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A small gallery

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January 24, 2015/by rfclient

A World of Alternatives – Original Photographs by Mark Citret, Jeffrey Conley, Vaughn Hutchins and Kerik Kouklis

Photography as an art form is not that old, and when we refer to Traditional Photography it is often in reference to the gelatin silver print — Ansel Adams’ preferred medium. In reality, what we now know as Alternative Processes — e.g. platinum, carbon, gum, collodion — often predated the more popular gelatin silver method by decades.
March 26, 2019/by William Garnsey

A Yosemite Year – A Photographer’s Almanac March 2014 (Continued)

Snow in Yosemite Valley has been infrequent the last two winters. I moved to Yosemite in March of 2010, during a snowstorm. The following March (2011), the inhabitants of the park experienced what has affectionately become known as ‘Snowmageddon’; a series of snowstorms that dropped several feet onto the valley floor and well over ten feet in the higher elevations. The park had to close for a few days while crews cleared roads and restored power...
March 26, 2014/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

A Yosemite Year – A Photographer’s Almanac March 2014

I love to hear Yosemite Valley sing.  It can be a subtle aria…
March 10, 2014/by rfclient

A Yosemite Year – Photographer’s Almanac: February 2014

High up on the trail – above where the conifers start to cling…
February 10, 2014/by rfclient

A Yosemite Year – Photographer’s Almanac: January 2014

There is nothing like a winter’s day in Yosemite Valley –…
January 21, 2014/by rfclient

A Winter Lightshow in Yosemite Valley

For the intrepid visitor willing to brave the cold and possibility of snow in the park in winter, Yosemite provides unique rewards.
February 25, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Adams’ ‘Masterworks’ as much history as art

There’s going to be a point when Ansel Adams’ photographs…
November 21, 2013/by rfclient
Mount McKinley, Wonder Lake

An Astronomer Solves a 70-Year-Old Ansel Adams Mystery

Ansel Adams was a genius with a camera, but he wasn’t so great…
April 5, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery


Four anecdotes on the making of Ansel Adams' iconic Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.
September 14, 1978/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Anecdotes

The story of the making of the photograph Moonrise, Hernandez , New Mexico is legendary. Ansel's description in Examples: The Making of Forty Photographs is oft repeated, and quite dramatic. We have brought together several vignettes that put a little more perspective on what let up to the dramatic moment on a lonely highway at 4:05 PM (local time), October 31, 1941.
March 4, 2012/by Guest Author

Ansel Adams’ assistant to speak at Effingham chamber banquet

Photographer Alan Ross says the advent of digital cameras has…
June 1, 2012/by rfclient

Ansel Adams Posters

The high quality, ink-based, tri-tone reproduction posters in the authorized edition series include some of Adams' most acclaimed and familiar images, including "Moonrise, Hernandez," "Moon and Half Dome," and "Aspens, New Mexico." Starting at $110.
January 7, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams, Photographer

By William Turnage, Reprinted courtesy of the author and Oxford University Press

Ansel Adams, photographer and environmentalist, was born in San Francisco, California, the son of Charles Hitchcock Adams, a businessman, and Olive Bray. The grandson of a wealthy timber baron, Adams grew up in a house set amid the sand dunes of the Golden Gate. When Adams was only four, an aftershock of the great earthquake and fire of 1906 threw him to the ground and badly broke his nose, distinctly marking him for life. A year later the family fortune collapsed in the financial panic of 1907, and Adams’s father spent the rest of his life doggedly but fruitlessly attempting to recoup.

An only child, Adams was born when his mother was nearly forty. His relatively elderly parents, affluent family history, and the live-in presence of his mother’s maiden sister and aged father all combined to create an environment that was decidedly Victorian and both socially and emotionally conservative. Adams’s mother spent much of her time brooding and fretting over her husband’s inability to restore the Adams fortune, leaving an ambivalent imprint on her son. Charles Adams, on the other hand, deeply and patiently influenced, encouraged, and supported his son.
July 17, 2016/by Guest Author

Ansel Adams’ Camera Highlights Photography Offerings at Heritage Auctions

NEW YORK — The camera used a half-century ago by legendary…
October 8, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Classic Images

A slideshow featuring some of Ansel Adams most iconic images. Including: Monolith, the Face of Half Dome, Moonrise, Hernandez, Bridalveil Fall, Rose and Driftwood, Moon and Half Dome and many more.
June 28, 2016/by rfclient

ANSEL ADAMS: CLASSIC IMAGES to Be Displayed, 10/23

October 2, 2014/by Guest Author

Ansel Adams Original Photographs

Original photographs by Ansel Adams are defined as photographs printed by Ansel Adams from the negatives he made (photographed and developed). Most will range between $4,000 and $70,000.
December 13, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adam’s Commercial Photography

There is a poster hanging in Ansel's darkroom in Yosemite that…
May 14, 2012/by rfclient

DNC Speech 1968: Ansel Adams Defines the Modern Environmental Movement

As we celebrate Earth Day this year we are reminded of the diligence required to affect change. Today the environment continues to be attacked and the clock is being turned back on progress on many fronts. Ansel Adams spent decades in the battle to protect our environment. At his core, his activism was driven by his love of the environment and his humanity.

The tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention included a visit from Ansel. Ever the outspoken environmentalist, Ansel gave a presentation to the DNC Platform Committee. His remarks, reprinted here , were prescient and are unfortunately more apt today than 50 years ago.
April 22, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams Defined the Modern Environmental Movement

Today the environment continues to be attacked and the clock is being turned back on progress on many fronts. Ansel Adams spent decades in the battle to protect our environment.
October 5, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams exhibit coming to Reynolda House in spring

An exhibition of work by Ansel Adams, an American photographer known for his luminous and detailed black-and-white nature photographs, will open at Reynolda House Museum of American Art on March 11, 2016 and hang through July 17.
September 9, 2015/by Guest Author

Ansel Adams exhibition, programming come to region

TRAVERSE CITY — Ragnar “Rags” Avery knew just where to…
June 5, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams’ Granddaughter to Speak at ‘Ding’ Darling

Ansel Adams’ Granddaughter to Speak at ‘Ding’ Darling
March 2, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams in a New Light

January 19, 2019/by Guest Author

Ansel Adams in LA

Eye local photos taken by the photo legend.
Quick. Think "Ansel…
February 12, 2012/by rfclient

Ansel Adams, in the beginning

A short Q and A with the author of a new book that explores the little-known early career of one of America’s most celebrated and beloved photographer. From Yale University Press Blog
April 22, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery


News and information from print and web related to Ansel Adams and the Ansel Adams Gallery.
April 27, 2016/by Guest Author
Ansel Adams, “Chinese Baptist Kindergarten”

Ansel Adams’ Most Famous Rookie Mistake

Today, it’s hard to imagine that one of America’s most celebrated photographers ever struggled to find work shooting photographs. But in the beginning, Ansel Adams was, like most young photographers, unknown, and in order to support himself as a photographer, he took on work as a commercial photographer.
March 24, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Ansel Adams Museum Set Photographs

************************** For Immediate Release **************************
November 28, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich/ Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour, Somerset House, review

Alastair Sooke reviews Ansel Adams at the National Maritime Museum…
November 5, 2012/by rfclient

National Parks

June 27, 2016/by rfclient
Ansel Adams, Photographer Trailer

Ansel Adams Photographer, Video

February 21, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams’ photos of 1940 L.A. show him working in urban mode

About 60 of Ansel Adams’ stepchildren will spend the coming…
February 17, 2012/by rfclient

Ansel Adams’ Rare Photos of Everyday Life in a Japanese Internment Camp

Ansel Adams was already world-famous for his groundbreaking black-and-white photographs of the American West when he was invited by his friend Ralph Merritt to document the Manzanar War Relocation Center, a Japanese internment camp, where Merritt was director. It was a risky career move for a man so thoroughly established as a landscape photographer, but Adams was compelled to witness life there and make a record of it.
September 15, 2015/by Guest Author

(Ansel Adams) Remarks Before the Platform Committee on the Democratic National Convention, Chicago, Illinois, August 24, 1968

My name is Ansel Adams–photographer, writer and conservationist–of Carmel, California. l am a Director of the Sierra Club and a member of many conservation organizations, but the opinions I express are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of any organization with which I am associated.
April 22, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams’ Son to Open Photo Exhibit’s West Coast Premiere

The son of Ansel Adams, whose photos helped expand the national park system, will attend the opening festivities of the West Coast premiere of “Fragile Waters.”

The traveling display of 119 photographs, many not previously exhibited, will be at the Maritime Museum of San Diego and feature black and white images by environmentalists Adams, Ernest H. Brooks II and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly.
February 10, 2015/by Guest Author

Ansel Adams: A Son’s Perspective. Monday, December 5, 2016, 5-7 p.m.

Hospitality: 5:00 p.m.
Presentation: 6:00 p.m.
312 Sutter Street,…
November 19, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams: The drama and beauty of the American West

London (CNN) -- Famed for his rugged, immense portraits of the…
March 29, 2013/by rfclient

Ansel Adams: The Early Years, at the Longmont Museum

The Longmont Museum’s latest exhibit launched Friday, Jan. 28, 2019 ..
February 7, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams: The Role of the Artist in the Environmental Movement

In the history of American conservation, few have worked as long and as effectively to preserve wilderness and to articulate the “wilderness idea” as Ansel Adams. Entering his seventh decade of active involvement, he remains as much a crusader. Wilderness has always been for Adams “a mystique: a valid, intangible, non-materialistic experience.” Through his photographs he has touched countless people with a sense of that mystique and a realization of the importance of preserving the last remaining wilderness lands. This inspirational legacy of Adams ' art constitutes his major significance as an environmentalist. In addition, he has been an important activist in the work of several conservation groups and has personally lobbied congressmen, cabinet officers and Presidents on behalf of wilderness values.

Ansel Adams was born on February 20, 1902, in San Francisco and grew up in the dunes area by the Golden Gate . In those days the Pacific surf and fog were a much more evident influence than the surrounding city. Ansel's earliest memory is of lying in his carriage watching low fog move across the sky.
March 4, 1980/by Guest Author
“Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake,”1923, Original Photograph by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams Vintage Photographs

“Vintage” is a term in photography that has both a very specific meaning, and unfortunately a slightly ambiguous definition when putting it into practice.
September 17, 2014/by rfclient

Ansel Adams Wilderness

"The Mountains That Made the Man"
A portfolio by Peter…
September 15, 2011/by rfclient

Ansel Adams worked to help less fortunate

Son recalls father’s support for Japanese-Americans in WWII;…
September 27, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams’ Yosemite

This is an excerpt about this slideshow.
June 28, 2016/by rfclient
yosemite valley winter by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams’ Yosemite Special Edition Photographs

Affordable Authentic Ansel Adams Prints

One of Ansel Adams’…
June 4, 2012/by rfclient
Ansel Before Ansel

Ansel Before Ansel – April 2020

The Early Works of Ansel Adams: Travel back in time to pure and pristine wilderness with this collection of Ansel Adams' vintage photographs.
April 21, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery


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October 18, 2018/by William Garnsey

Appraisals, Value Statements and Investing

May 6, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Artist Reception with Painter James McGrew

Recently, our Gallery celebrated a new exhibition of paintings by artist James McGrew. Members of our Yosemite community and park visitors joined together to experience James’ luminous works up close and learn more about the artist’s creative process and affiliation to Yosemite National Park
March 17, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ask Jimmy Chin a Question

Jimmy Chin is a world renowned photographer, climber and…
June 4, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Banish the winter doldrums with a museum outing

Shake off those January blahs and warm the soul by checking out…
January 12, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

BBC Masters: Ansel Adams, Part 1

May 7, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

BBC Masters: Ansel Adams, Part 2

May 6, 2012/by rfclient

Ansel Adams, Photographer

Adams, Ansel (Feb. 20 1902 — Apr. 22, 1984), photographer and environmentalist, was born in San Francisco, California, the son of Charles Hitchcock Adams, a businessman, and Olive Bray. The grandson of a wealthy timber baron, Adams grew up in a house set amid the sand dunes of the Golden Gate.
September 15, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Black & White Photography

Stunning Black & White Photography from former Ansel Adams Assistants Alan Ross and John Sexton, as well as celebrated Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops instructors and represented artists.
May 3, 2012/by rfclient

Black, white photos come to life in Ansel Adams exhibition

His photos are only two colors – black and white. They seem…
September 10, 2013/by rfclient

Book review: ‘Ansel Adams in Yosemite Valley: Celebrating the Park at 150’

From age 14, photographer and conservationist Ansel Adams (1902–1984) visited Yosemite Valley annually.

Adams once said: “Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.”
January 5, 2015/by Guest Author

Bridalveil Fall Restoration

September 28, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Christopher Burkett

Christopher Burkett is recognized world-wide for his outstanding color photography. His work demonstrates that rare combination of artistic vision, environmental ethos, and technical craftsmanship. Christopher prints all of his work on Ilfochrome photographic paper, a medium that enables him to express the grace, light, and beauty of the natural world
May 5, 2016/by rfclient

Camera Walks

Free Camera walks are led by staff photographers. Offered every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Limited to 15 people. Topics include the history of photography in establishing the National Park system, how to use your camera and landscape composition.
January 13, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Canyon de Chelly from White House Overlook, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona, 1942

On first traveling to Canyon de Chelly in 1937, only six years after its establishment as a national monument, Ansel Adams thought it to be the most beautiful place on earth. Astonished by the “beautiful, flowing patterns” of the sand dunes, he wrote to his wife, Virginia Best:
April 7, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Care Instructions for Photographs

August 20, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Ansel Adams’ making of Monolith, the Face of Half Dome

Setting out on a daring hike early in the morning of April…
April 17, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Mark Citret

Mark Citret work is represented by prominent photography galleries in the United States, and is in many museum, corporate, and private collections. He is also a photography instructor with University of California, Center for Photography at Woodstock, The Ansel Adams Gallery and Santa Fe Workshops.
May 1, 2016/by rfclient

Clouds & Mist | March 2020

A collection of sky (Cloud and Mist) photographs, made by Ansel Adams.
March 11, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Color Photography

Celebrating seasonal color of Yosemite National Park and the American West. Our represented photographers are former assistants and students of Ansel Adams, as well as Photography Workshop Instructors.
May 2, 2012/by rfclient

Condition Assessment

May 6, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Jeffrey Conley

Jeffrey Conley is a fine art landscape photographer who specializes in creating traditional black and white prints. His meticulously crafted prints, made utilizing traditional darkroom processes, are made in small limited editions of 40 prints. His work has been widely exhibited and collected by private collectors and museums worldwide.
April 30, 2016/by rfclient

Roman Loranc

When I first came to California, I became acquainted with the Merced National Wildlife Refuge in the Central Valley. Efforts were then being made to restore the wetlands that had once been prolific in that area but were being diminished at an alarming pace. Through my photography, I joined the conservation efforts to save these natural and wild places. I want to share my artistic vision with others to increase awareness of these pristine landscapes, which are precious resources meriting preservation.
August 24, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel at LeConte Lodge, Yosemite Valley, California, c. 1921. Collection of Michael and Jeanne Adams.

Conserving the Spirit of Yosemite: Ansel Adams’ Early Years in the Sierra Club

There is perhaps no photographer in American history who stood for the ethos of stewardship for our shared environment as much as Ansel Adams, who over the course of his decades-long career did more than just introduce Americans to their wild places, but encouraged them to protect them.
April 22, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Consigning and Selling Original Photographs

The Ansel Adams Gallery will buy or consign original Ansel Adams photographs in excellent or pristine condition only. We will on occasion buy or consign signed or initialed Yosemite Special Edition Photographs.
May 6, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Charles Cramer

Charles Cramer is a photographer who revels in exploration and craftsmanship. A masterful artist, his career broadly parallels that of Ansel Adams: an early focus on music, finding inspiration in Yosemite National Park, and exploring the developing medium of photography.
April 29, 2016/by rfclient

Dave Brubeck Receives Posthumous Grammy Nomination For ‘Ansel Adams: America’

Jazz great Dave Brubeck, who passed away yesterday, died hours…
December 6, 2012/by rfclient

An In-Depth History of Group f.64

In 1967, a 20-year-old photography student went to a workshop featuring several of her idols, four of the original members of the famed Group f.64: Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Brett Weston and Willard Van Dyke. The experience changed her life.
December 11, 2014/by Guest Author

Display interprets ‘Fragile Waters’

Art show celebrates Ansel Adams and 'softest of elements which…
June 5, 2014/by rfclient

Do I Have an Original?

August 21, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Dogwood Blossoms

Ansel Adams made this image with a 5" x 7" view camera in 1938,…
January 30, 2013/by rfclient

Dogwood Blossoms

Each year, for about three weeks in April or May, the blooming of Yosemite’s famous dogwood trees turns the Merced River Valley into a kaleidoscope of brilliant white blossoms and tiny yellow buds. This awe-inspiring scene would inspire one of the few still-life images of Ansel Adams’s career, “Dogwood Blossoms.”
March 31, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Dogwood Blossoms – A New Modern Replica

In Yosemite right now, the waterfalls are roaring and the…
April 30, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
Nevada Fall (Early)

Early Waterfalls Video

The Ansel Adams Gallery is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of two spectacular rare photographs by Ansel Adams. "Bridalveil Fall" and "Nevada Fall."
July 14, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

El Capitan, Merced River, Swimmers

“El Capitan, Merced River, Swimmers”: Taken during the…
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

El Capitan, Winter Sunrise – A New Modern Replica

"I visualized the opalescent glow of the sun on the icy cliff," wrote Adams. "In an overpowering area such as Yosemite Valley, it is difficult for anyone to make photographs that do not appear derivative of past work. The subjects are definite and recognizable,
February 16, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

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Ansel Adams, Environmentalist

March 1, 1990/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

On Exhibit in Yosemite – Looking West: Photographs by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is a distinct paradigm of the American West from his wild adventures to his modern methods and embrace of technology, along with his romanticizing of the open spaces and their vernacular — and all the way down to his bolo and white stetson.
January 10, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Exhibition reveals the more fluid side of Ansel Adams

SALEM — The photography of Ansel Adams is so sturdily composed,…
June 15, 2012/by rfclient


A listing of known Ansel Adams photographic exhibits both in the United States and around the World.
January 27, 2016/by rfclient

Through the eyes of his son

The beauty of the American West is immortalized in the landscape photography of Ansel Adams, who was one of the most influential American photographers, and through his photography, one of the country’s most important environmentalists.
October 14, 2014/by Guest Author

Farm Workers, Paul Masson Vineyards by Ansel Adams

“Farm Workers, Paul Masson Vineyards”: In 1959, Ansel Adams…
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Focus on Ansel Adams at South Shore Arts Gallery

The love affair began with a Kodak No. 1 Box Brownie when Ansel Adams was just 14 in 1916.

A shy boy, home-schooled by his father and grandmother in San Francisco, Adams toted the camera to the Yosemite Valley on a trek that would change his life.
Later, Adams would write: "I knew my destiny... when I first experienced Yosemite."
November 19, 2015/by Guest Author

Four generations of Weston photography hit the National Steinbeck Center

Some families pass down heirlooms. Others pass down first names.…
March 28, 2014/by rfclient

Fragile Waters at IMA

It was the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that inspired two friends to create IMA's newest show. Curator Jeanne Falk-Adams and Barbara Cox, artist agent, created Fragile Waters at IMA April 23 - Sept. 5.

"We need water, clean water. It isn't possible to live without it," said Falk-Adams.

The idea behind Fragile Waters, Falk-Adams said, was to connect people through the arts, portraying the beauty of water, from rivers and wetlands to the oceans, letting them draw their own conclusions. To accomplish this, the show combines the work of her father in-law, Ansel Adams, Ernest Brooks II and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly, interspersed with quotes to give people what Falk-Adams describes as breathing room, to process the information.
April 24, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Michael Frye

Michael Frye is a professional photographer specializing in landscapes and nature. He has written numerous magazine articles on the art and technique of photography, and is the author and photographer of The Photographer's Guide to Yosemite and Yosemite Meditations. He was also featured in the book Landscape: The World's Top Photographers.
April 28, 2016/by rfclient

Gallery Activities

There are quite a few things going on, with the Gallery and through other organizations within Yosemite. Gallery programs are detailed here, and you can visit our calendar to find more information about dates, times, and other park programs.
April 27, 2016/by rfclient


We represent many contemporary photographers, and rotate exhibitions of their work approximately every 6 weeks in Yosemite. Click here to see current and upcoming exhibitions.
April 27, 2016/by rfclient

Gallery History

In the summer of 1901, a landscape painter and political cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle by the name of Harry Best took an excursion to Yosemite Valley to camp and paint. Little did he know that this trip would have, indirectly, such an impact on so many.
April 27, 2016/by rfclient

Getting to Yosemite

Getting here is generally easy, although Yosemite National Park is a remote location in a mountainous environment, and there can be seasonal or random road closures due to snow, rock slides, flood, and fires. Be sure to call the CalTrans 800.427.7623 ...
May 11, 2012/by rfclient

Glossary of Photography Terms

August 19, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Gottardo Piazzoni by Ansel Adams

Piazzoni was a Swiss-born American landscape painter, muralist and sculptor of Italian heritage, and a key member of the school of Northern California artists in the early 1900s. Born in Intragna, Switzerland, Piazzoni moved at the age of 15 to his father's dairy farm in the Carmel Valley.
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Gravestone and Church, Chinese Camp by Ansel Adams

“Gravestone and Church, Chinese Camp”: Travel back in time…
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Other Artists Filters


Half-Day Classes

Classes are available most days of the week: Focus on Using Your Digital Camera, In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and Ansel Adams Legacy. Each class provides insightful instruction on how to improve the use of your digital camera while applying Ansel's techniques of composition and lighting to your photographs.
March 6, 2012/by rfclient

Half Dome, Evening, From Olmsted Point (c. 1959)

In the high country of Yosemite, the high-altitude Tioga Pass is Yosemite’s gateway to the East, winding amongst some of the country’s most spectacular alpine scenery.
May 7, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Re-Introducing “Half Dome, Olmsted Point”

Half Dome, Olmsted Point - Yosemite Special Edition Photograph…
September 1, 2012/by rfclient

High Aspirations

If it doesn’t meet my standards, tear them up,” Ansel Adams tells his chief assistant Mary Alinder.

It’s 1979, and Alinder sits at a table with a stack of 22 prints of “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico” in Adams’ photography studio in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California and begins to seek out the photographic qualities that merit Adams’ approval. But by the time lunch was called, she hadn’t trashed one.
July 16, 2015/by Guest Author

High Sierra Loop

With over 800 miles of trails to choose from in the park, there is one fifty mile loop that holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Yosemite 's devoted. It is a route that gives an up close and personal view of the mountains that John Muir dubbed “The Range of Light.”
June 29, 2012/by rfclient

Horsetail Fall

This is an excerpt describing the video. Let's also do a screen grab or non ansel image for each video; I'd like to set these images to all be the same size, since they are not ansel images, but up to you. Other than the feature video above, all these videos are brought onto this page automatically, as posts with category "video."
February 17, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Della Taylor Hoss

Between 1928 and 1942, Della lived in Yosemite Valley while her husband, Herman Hoss, was the federal magistrate and treasurer of Yosemite Park and Curry Company. In her 70's she travelled to the White Mountains to see the Bristlecone Pines with a friend. Della was awestruck by the beauty of these 4,500 year old trees. She created a series of 15 stunning colored pencil charcoal drawings capturing the life and death struggle of these amazing trees.
April 25, 2016/by rfclient

How ‘Moonrise, Hernandez’ Came to Be One of the Iconic Photographs of the 20th Century

Driving back to Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 31, 1941, after…
March 18, 2014/by rfclient

How you can get involved

There are many ways to get involved. The Ansel Adams Gallery is a Yosemite National Park Partner, and helps support the not-for-profit entities that are dedicated to protecting the resources of Yosemite or educating the public about the Park ...
May 11, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Vaughn Hutchins

Vaughn Hutchins photography deals more with the light on the landscape than with the landscape itself. Light is my subject. I especially enjoy working with the light falling through centuries of redwood growth.
April 24, 2016/by rfclient


View slideshows of Ansel Adams' photographic images. Including his famous "Iconic" images and scenes from Yosemite National Park.
April 27, 2016/by rfclient

In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams

Decades ago, the legendary photographer trained his camera's…
December 18, 2013/by rfclient

Internment of Japanese-Americans, Seen Through The Lens Of Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is renowned for his stunning, black-and-white photographs…
May 7, 2014/by rfclient

Island imagery: Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe in Hawaii

Is a rainbow still a rainbow if it's in black and white? Or put…
June 21, 2013/by rfclient

Japanese-American Internment: Ansel Adams Exhibit Delayed 75 Years

In 1943 and 1944, Ansel Adams documented one of the darkest chapters in American history, the incarceration of Japanese-American citizens during WWII. The resulting exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, titled "Born Free and Equal," was met with considerable controversy, causing the closing of the exhibit and the destruction of the related books in 1945.
October 5, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Keith Walklet

While photography is my profession, it is both a source of inspiration and a form of meditation for me. I am constantly inspired by the vision and creativity of others and I am completely content when immersed in my own efforts. At this point in my career, I find that I have a very simple approach to making images. I look for, and I believe others respond to, a feeling of motion that resides just below the surface of our first impressions.
January 11, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Apricity: noun. The Warmth of the Winter Sun.

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I fell in love with winter in…
January 8, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Killion’s High Sierra

In keeping with our mission of showing and representing only the finest artisans, The Ansel Adams Gallery is pleased to present an exceptional body of work by California printmaker, Tom Killion.
February 18, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Bob Kolbrener

Bob Kolbrener's passion for fine art black and white photography began in 1968 when he innocently wandered into Best’s Studio (now The Ansel Adams Gallery) in Yosemite National Park. The magnificence of the Ansel Adams original prints were overwhelming, and he has been captivated by photography since.
April 23, 2016/by rfclient

Kerik Kouklis

Kerik Kouklis is a full-time fine art photographer and educator who specializes in creating handmade photographs. Kerik combines a contemporary eye with 19th century processes to produce work that is uniquely his own. Influenced by the pictorialists of the early 20th century, he makes images that can be at once calm and unsettling.
April 22, 2016/by rfclient

Anne Larsen

Anne Larsen received her formal photographic training in Denmark, where she worked as a successful photographer for one of the largest commercial studios in Copenhagen. In 1994 she moved to the United States, and has worked as John Sexton’s Photographic Assistant since that time.
April 21, 2016/by rfclient

Richard Lohmann

Richard Lohmann started making hand-coated platinum prints in 1977 in part, because he responded to the mood and character he saw in the vintage platinum prints of P.H. Emerson and Frederick H. Evans. He loved the work of early platinum revivalists like George Tice and Tom Millea, and was drawn to the ambiguous reference to time created by the print 's warm tones.
April 19, 2016/by rfclient

Making of Yosemite Valley, Winter

While most visitors to Yosemite National Park come in the summer months, winter is a magical time of year in Yosemite Valley. The majesty and solitude of its snow-capped cliffs and frozen lakes fascinated Ansel Adams, who returned again and again over the decades to make hundreds of photographs of the rugged landscape in winter.
January 20, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Tom Mallonee

Tom Mallonee has often pursued photographic subjects which stray from the conventional notions of western landscape photography, yet still embrace decisive composition and exquisite printing technique. For nearly thirty years Tom has pursued his photographic passions. During this time he began photographing the "apparitions" of the western landscape.
April 18, 2016/by rfclient

Mannequins, Movie Lot by Ansel Adams

March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Market Snapshot: Ansel Adams

Landscape photographer and environmental activist Ansel Adams's lucid black and white photographs of the American wilderness helped establish photography as a legitimate art form. A half-century later, there is still an unimpeachable interest in his work at virtually any price point.

“Ansel’s work seems to be sort of a ‘gold standard’ in the photography market,” the artist’s grandson Matthew Adams, president of the Ansel Adams Gallery, told artnet via email. “His work has appreciated, and does fluctuate with the market in general, but doesn’t see the extreme highs and lows that we sometimes see with other photographers’ work.”
November 7, 2014/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Martino Hoss: Yosemite’s Inner Light

Our gallery is excited to present an ethereal body of work by multimedia artist Martino Hoss, an artist with a deep and rich tie to Yosemite National Park. In an interview with our gallery, Martino shares stories of his greatest inspiration—his grandmother, pivotal moments that informed his artistic career, and the essence of Yosemite he is able to capture in the luminous medium of pastel on copper.
October 11, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Matted Reproductions

An assortment of lithographic reproductions of both classic and lesser-known Ansel Adams images in three different sizes. All prints are pre-framed in wood or metal frames and ready to hang on the wall. Price range from $75 to $150.
December 8, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

James McGrew

James frequently visited Yosemite National Park since he was just 4 months old and today its his primary subject and inspiration. James paints en plein air and later orchestrates his field studies with photography and strong visual memory to create his refined studio paintings. Such works often tell stories or serve as complex metaphors.
April 18, 2016/by rfclient

Meeting House, Davenport by Ansel Adams

“Meeting House, Davenport”, c.1970, Polaroid, 3.5 x 4.5…
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Merced River, Cliffs, Autumn

Ansel Adams made this image on a chilly late autumn morning…
October 28, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Merced River Cliffs, Autumn – A Yosemite Special Edition Photograph

Ansel Adams made this image on a chilly late autumn morning in…
October 9, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Midland’s Arrington loans Ansel Adams pieces for Tech exhibit

Texas Tech University President M. Duane Nellis and Midland oil executive David H. Arrington spoke at a news conference Tuesday morning celebrating the opening of an exhibit of Ansel Adams photography.

Arrington, who began collecting Adams’ work after graduating from Texas Tech in 1983, lent 100 original photographs from his collection to the Museum of Texas Tech University for a special exhibit. Although his collection has been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world, he wanted his alma mater to host it, as well.
August 11, 2015/by Guest Author

Modern Replicas

Our beautiful Modern Replicas are made using the latest archival digital technologies to produce the finest reproductions. Each print is inspected and assembled using museum quality materials - to provide a most elegant presentation. Starting at $129.
April 10, 2016/by rfclient

Moonrise from Glacier Point


Ansel Adams made this image with an 8" x 10" view…
November 9, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

More Ansel Adams Images of the Bay Area – Leaves, Mills College

Leaves, Mills College, California - In 1933 Adams showed a selection of his photographs to the dean of the Art Department at Yale University. Adams wrote, "The dean was a most gracious and kindly person but had never seen my type of photographs. He was taken with 'Leaves, Mills College Campus' and asked, 'Just what is this?' I said, 'It is a picture of foliage.' 'Yes, I understand that, but what is the subject?' I said 'What do you mean?' He replied (just a bit testily), 'What is the medium - is it an etching, a lithograph or a detailed painting?' I said, 'It's a photograph!' I was finally able to convince him that it was a direct photograph from nature. He became quite excited and arranged an exhibit of my work at Yale in 1934.
April 14, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Mount Ansel Adams, Lyell Fork

The Lyell Fork of the Merced River with its high, remote peaks and sapphire necklace of lakes was among Adams' favorite areas in Yosemite . In 1934, he led a Sierra Club outing to the Lyell Fork and the group climbed the then unnamed peak Adams called the Tower in Lyell Fork.
June 19, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Mount Ansel Adams, Lyell Fork

Ansel Adams made this image with a 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" Zeiss Jewel view camera. Precisely when he made the image is debatable; some evidence points to 1943, but it may have been on a pack trip in September 1938 with Georgia O'Keeffe and David McAlpin.
June 12, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake

Ansel Adams’ “Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake” is one of the defining images of the Alaskan Wilderness. Ansel made this image when he, accompanied by his son Michael, set out in 1947 on a Guggenheim Fellowship to document the majestic landscapes of Alaska
February 28, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Mount Ansel Adams, Lyell Fork

This branch of the Merced River, the Lyell Fork, is one of the most far-flung regions of Yosemite National Park. To reach this secluded spot, intrepid hikers must traverse many miles of trail before veering off to bushwhack down an exposed ridgeline to grasslands below...
March 20, 2020/by Margaret Thompson

Highest Quality Digital Reproduction

Each Modern Reproduction is individually produced and inspected, assembled using museum quality materials, and designed to provide a most elegant presentation.
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Mt. McKinley Bears Invade Ranger Cabin

Ansel and his son Michael arrived at Mt. McKinley National Park on the infamous "Moose Gooser", the Alaska Railroad that ran from Fairbanks...
March 1, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

William Neill

William Neill has been photographing continuously in his backyard of Yosemite National Park since 1977. In the early 1980s, he served as staff photographer at The Ansel Adams Gallery, where he was introduced to the work of Ansel Adams and other fine art photographers. The natural environment and spirit of Yosemite remains the constant inspiration for Neill. He pays special attention to the intimate detail and design of nature. His elegant color photographs celebrate the magic of our natural world.
April 16, 2016/by rfclient
Nevade Fall Rainbow

Nevada Fall, Rainbow

When Ansel Adams set out to photograph Nevada Fall in the spring of 1947, the Mist Trail was an obvious no-go. The trail, so named for the heavy mists that roll off Vernal Fall, would be impossible to travail without soaking his camera equipment.
April 14, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

*New Acquisition* Original Photograph of Aspens, Northern New Mexico

Original gelatin silver print of “Aspens, Northern New…
December 10, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel Adams, “Canyon De Chelly,” 1937

New Modern Replica – Canyon de Chelly

On his first trip to Canyon de Chelly in September 1937, Ansel was drawn to the “beautiful, flowing patterns” of the solidified sand dunes clearly visible in the lower left corner of this photograph. He wrote to his wife, Virginia, “The Canyon de Chelly exceeds anything I have imagined at any time!”
November 6, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

New Release – Monolith, the Face of Half Dome as a Modern Replica

On an April morning in 1927, Adams undertook a difficult four-thousand-foot climb through heavy snow to the granite outcropping known as the Diving Board, where he set up his 6 1/2 x 8 1/2-inch view camera, inserted a glass plate, and waited for the light to fall directly on the sheer granite cliff. He made one exposure with a yellow filter. Then it occurred to him that if he used a dark red filter, both sky and cliff would register darker in the finished print than in the actual scene. He changed to the red filter, with this dramatic result.
June 27, 2014/by rfclient

New Release: Mt. McKinley, Wonder Lake – Modern Replica Print

Collectors have found the gallery’s “Modern Replicas” a welcome addition to the options for collecting the work of Ansel Adams. The prints’ quality is on par with the contemporary photographs using the latest printing techniques. For the collection, the gallery have chosen prints from the collections of the Ansel Adams family and the Ansel Adams Archive at the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona.
April 24, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Latest News

April 11, 2019/by rfclient

Old California Street Firehouse by Ansel Adams

“Old California Street Firehouse”: The style of Engine…
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ted Orland

Ted Orland first visited Yosemite in 1966 as a student in Ansel Adams’ Summer Photography workshop, and in the early 1970’s became assistant to Ansel Adams and printer of Adams’ Yosemite Special Edition Prints. He taught at the annual Ansel Adams Yosemite Workshop fifteen times, and continues to visit the Park frequently.
April 14, 2016/by rfclient

Penny Otwell

Penny Otwell has been both a participant and witness of Yosemite, the product of a long-term and candid relationship with the Sierra, and evidenced by her inclusion in the recent book, Art of the National Parks, published through The University of New Mexico Press.
April 10, 2016/by rfclient

Sally Owens

Sally Owens, a longtime park resident and winner of regional, state & national awards, is best known for her subtle & detailed portrayals of natural "found objects" such as leaves, feathers and branches, meticulously rendered in watercolor.
March 30, 2016/by rfclient


Paintings by Yosemite Artists Della Taylor Hoss, James McGrew, Penny Otwell and Sally Owens.
April 16, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Path, Muir Woods

In 1919, when Adams made this photograph, he was 17 years old and experimenting with photography. He was most likely still using the Box Brownie his father gave him in Yosemite in 1916.
May 1, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Peaks and Cliffs Catalog | February 2020

Experience the wonders of Winter photography as captured by Ansel Adams. From snow covered cliffs to misty weathered skies, be transported to places where the earth stands quiet and still with Winter blanketing the landscape.
February 11, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

In Memory of Peter Hoss

November 29, 2018
Memorial Service to be held on…
January 7, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Petroglyphs Monument Valley by Ansel Adams

This famous petroglyph depicting Bighorn Sheep was captured by Ansel Adams in 1958, located at Monument Valley, Arizona.
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Photo Guiding

A private guiding session with one of our gallery staff photographers in Yosemite National Park will allow you to learn about and photograph a selection of prime locations within Yosemite National Park.
February 13, 2012/by rfclient

Photography Workshops

Multi-day workshops held in Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra. Courses offered in field photography, using digital photography tools, Photoshop, printing techniques and traditional darkroom printing methods. Very few spaces left.
April 13, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Picture-perfect life: Daughter of Ansel Adams

Anne Adams Helms frolicked as a child in Yosemite National Park, where her mother ran a small artist’s studio that doubled as the family home. Her father was a photographer and an environmental activist who became a lifetime member and a director of the Sierra Club.
March 23, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Political Sign and Poster by Ansel Adams

“Political Sign and Poster” : The George Creel political…
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Portrait of Musician (Domenico Brecia) by Ansel Adams

March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

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Ansel Adams launched the Yosemite Special Edition series in 1958. Today, Alan Ross makes each Special Edition Photograph by hand from Adams ' original negative on gelatin silver fiber paper. Ross, a master printer and fine art photographer in his own right, began working side-by-side with Adams as his photographic assistant in 1974; he's been the exclusive printer of this series since 1975. Each of the prints in this series bears an identifying stamp. Yosemite Special Edition Photographs are available only from The Ansel Adams Gallery. These photographs are available framed and unframed.
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Print Condition Definitions

August 18, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Quick Read: Crooked Tree focuses on Ansel Adams all summer

After years of planning, the Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey…
May 27, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Remembering Liliane De Cock Morgan, Photographer, assistant to Ansel Adams

Liliane De Cock Morgan, a child of World War II Belgium who later…
May 29, 2013/by rfclient

Alan Ross

The fine photographs of Alan Ross can be experienced as sophisticated black-and-white still lifes or grand landscapes. His work is reminiscent of his teacher, Ansel Adams, yet has a distinct personal style.
March 20, 2016/by rfclient

Roy Firestone Interviews Ansel Adams

May 8, 2012/by rfclient

Ruins of Old Church,Taos

“Ruins of Old Church,Taos” Taos Pueblo, a collaboration between a young Ansel Adams and feminist writer and bohemian Mary Austin, was published in 1930 in a small edition of 108 copies. Limited and hard to find, it is considered one of the greatest books produced by San Francisco’s renowned Grabhorn Press. The project was exceptional for its time - not only the intersection of two careers, photographer and writer, but of the American environmental movement and a movement by white women to promote Pueblo arts.
March 25, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

San Diego Museum Unveils ‘Fragile Waters’ Exhibit

FRAGILE WATERS is a powerful artistic and ecological statement through the inspiring black and white images of three renowned photographers and environmentalists – Ansel Adams, Ernest H. Brooks II, and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly
March 1, 2015/by rfclient

John Sexton

John Sexton is perhaps the most widely known contemporary black and white landscape photographer and educator. He was an assistant of Ansel Adams for many years, and his work, in high demand, demonstrates the technical and artistic expertise that one would expect from such an association. John's work has a very distinctive feel and is immediately recognizable, for he has clearly stepped out of the shadow of his mentor and established a worldwide reputation.
March 10, 2016/by rfclient
Sierra Meadow

“Sierra Meadow” by Ansel Adams

In 1930, Ansel Adams ventured to Yosemite’s high country and photographed “Sierra Meadow,” a work of art that depicts the lush beauty and intricate flora of a garden-meadow.
September 4, 2019/by rfclient

Signed Special Edition Photographs

Signed and initialed Special Edition Photographs, collector edition books, portraits of Ansel Adams and other items of interest.
February 6, 2016/by rfclient

Snow & Ice | January 2020

Ansel Adams began the Yosemite Special Edition Photograph series in 1958 to offer beautiful works of art as an affordable alternative to original photographs. Each 8x10 inch silver photograph is hand-crafted from the artist's original negative by a master photographer according to Ansel's guidance. Exclusive to The Ansel Adams Gallery, Special Edition Photographs celebrate Ansel's tribute to Yosemite's grandeur.
April 10, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Special Edition Photographs Signed by Ansel Adams

Beginning in 1958 The Ansel Adams Gallery began selling Special Edition Prints. In the early years, Ansel signed each photograph after they were printed by his assistant. These full signature versions ended in 1972, but we currently have a few available for purchase from this era on our website. These would make a truly extraordinary holiday present for a collector of Ansel Adams photography.
December 4, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Special Services from The Ansel Adams Gallery

We can assist you with building a collection, value statements, and auction consulting. We also work with interior designers and assist with corporate gifting.
May 6, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Spring Lecture Series: The Underwater Photography of Liquid Light

Presented by Jeanne Adams – January 7, 2016 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
The Mariners’ Museum’s Liquid Light exhibition is a pioneering look at the world beneath the ocean. It would not have been possible without the efforts of world-renowned photography expert Jeanne Adams. Adams, the daughter-in-law of noted photographer Ansel Adams, is a strong advocate for the power of the photograph in telling nature’s stories. Her relationships with underwater photographers are helping to bring this beautiful, emerging art form into the global spotlight. Get an insider’s perspective of the making of Liquid Light from Adams in this presentation. Cost: $5 for Non-Members. Free for Members.
December 28, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Story Behind the Image: Monolith, The Face of Half Dome

On the chilly spring morning of April 10th, 1927, Ansel Adams set out along Yosemite’s LeConte Gully to capture an image of the striking sheer face of Half Dome, one of Yosemite National Park’s most iconic natural features. Though Ansel knew the route well, having spent four teenage summers as the keeper of the Sierra Club’s nearby lodge in Yosemite Valley, his companions—his fiancée Virginia Best and three close friends, including his lifetime friend and fellow wilderness photographer Cedric Wright—picked carefully along the steep gully in the icy shadow of nearby Grizzly Peak.
April 9, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Stunning Ansel Adams print of Golden Gate before the bridge could fetch $250K at auction

An original Ansel Adams photograph showing a San Francisco scene…
October 3, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
ansel adams video

Sunshine & Shadows: The World of Ansel Adams

KRON-TV special report from 1968, narrated by Ed Hart, about the life and work of Californian photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams (1902-84). Includes scenes of Adams hiking, taking photographs and teaching a workshop in Yosemite National Park.
April 22, 2015/by Guest Author

That Time When Ansel Adams Posed for a Baseball Trading Card

In the 1970s, photographer Mike Mandel asked his famous colleagues to pose for a pack of baseball cards. The results are as amazing as you’d imagine.
orget that 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck card or your 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, the real baseball card prize is the Ansel Adams rookie. How many of you can say you have that in your parents’ attic?

The Adams card is one of 135 cards in the “Baseball Photographer Trading Cards” set, a whimsical and unique collectible that’s equal parts art and spoof.
September 15, 2015/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Ansel Adams Gallery Rehabilitation Recently Completed at Yosemite National Park

The first part of a multi-phase rehabilitation project of The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park has recently been completed. The first phase of the project, which began in October 2014, was completed on Saturday, April 4, 2015. The newly rehabilitated gallery is fully open and operational in their historic location.
April 7, 2015/by rfclient

The Art of Winter in Yosemite National Park

Nestled in Yosemite Valley at The Ansel Adams Gallery is a new exhibition of Yosemite photography: an exploration of the park’s striking beauty in winter as captured by our current group of full-time instructors and staff members.
January 9, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter—With Ansel Adams

The Environmentalist Photographer Meets the Conservation President

While legendary photographer Ansel Adams is best known for his dramatic landscapes, he made images in many genres, including portraiture. On November 5-6, 1979, President Jimmy Carter, First Lady Rosalynn Carter, and Vice President Walter Mondale had portraits made by Adams for the National Portrait Gallery, and today they are part of that collection.
May 11, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

The girls of Manzanar

One was photographed by Ansel Adams. The other wrote a best-selling…
September 22, 2012/by rfclient

The Golden Gate, Before and After The Bridge

Ansel Adams is rightly celebrated for his iconic images of Yosemite,…
March 21, 2012/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Human Element

March 13, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Key to a Photograph from Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams used the term “visualization” often – but what exactly does it mean? How does it fit into your work flow as a photographer?
May 9, 2012/by rfclient

The Knoxville Museum of Art presents photographs by Ansel Adams

KNOXVILLE – The Knoxville Museum of Art presents Sight and…
February 4, 2014/by rfclient
Mount McKinley, Wonder Lake

The Mosquitoes Stole the Show on Mt. McKinley Negatives

September 1, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Quiet Beauty of Photographing Yosemite Valley in Winter

Gone are the back to back crowds of the summer months, leaving you and your creative eye with the freedom to explore, often uninterrupted. We interviewed Ansel Adams Gallery Staff photographer Mike Reeves on some of his favorite spots to capture the wonders of winter in Yosemite, as well as insider tips that will keep you dry, your equipment safe, and the way back to a warm fire and meal at the end of the day.
April 9, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Way We Take Photos Has Changed, But What Ansel Adams Brought To The Craft Hasn’t

February 12, 2019/by Guest Author

Tom Killion

My art springs from a love for the natural world, the bones of the land, the skin and fur of plants and trees. But it is the challenge of the printmaking process, its layers of reversal and carving, its always surprising results, that keep me at it year after year, image after image. I am just beginning to understand the power of visual communication, its topography and patterns that flow in the living river of time, outside the confines of word-structured thought.
February 18, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Traces – Deluxe Edition Book by Roman Loranc

Learn more about Traces Deluxe Book and Print Combination
August 23, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

UC Berkeley, as seen through Ansel Adams’ camera

Nearly 50 years, ago, American photographer and environmentalist…
June 2, 2012/by rfclient

Understanding the Market

May 6, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Unexpected Landscapes: Photographs by Ted Orland

November 30, 2018 - January 5, 2019
If anything is true of Orland’s…
November 30, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Unicorn Peak, Thunderclouds

Ansel Adams made this image with a medium format camera around…
July 12, 2012/by rfclient
Ansel Adams, “Unicorn Peak, Thunderclouds”

“Unicorn Peak, Thunderclouds” by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams captured this phenomenal image of “Unicorn Peak, Thunderclouds” with his medium format camera around 1967 in late spring or early summer. He was sixty-five at the time, and was hiking across Tuolumne Meadows with his Hasselblad when he discovered this view.
March 11, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel at LeConte Lodge, Yosemite Valley, California, c. 1921. Collection of Michael and Jeanne Adams.

Upcoming Event in Yosemite National Park: Rebecca Senf Discusses Making a Photographer: The Early Work of Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams first arrived in California’s Yosemite Valley as a shy, home-schooled fourteen-year-old boy in 1916. How did this young tourist, with a Box Brownie camera in hand, become an accomplished mountaineer and one of the most recognizable photographers of the twentieth century?
March 3, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Upcoming Event in Yosemite National Park: Rebecca Senf Discusses Making a Photographer: The Early Work of Ansel Adams

Please join us on April 17, 2020 for a Yosemite evening celebrating Rebecca Senf’s new book, “Making a Photographer: The Early Work of Ansel Adams.
February 16, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
Photograph of Alex Honnold by Jimmy Chin

UPCOMING EXHIBIT: Vagabonds to Icons: Photographs of Yosemite’s Climbing Revolution

The Ansel Adams Gallery will be hosting our new exhibition “Vagabonds to Icons: Photographs of Yosemite’s Climbing Revolution” in Yosemite Village from May 24th to July 11th with works by Ansel Adams, Glen Denny, Tom Frost, Dean Fidelman, Corey Rich and Jimmy Chin among others on display.
May 18, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
Egg and Force No 2, by Anne Larsen

View Daily Life in a Japanese-American Internment Camp Through the Lens of Ansel Adams

In 1943, one of America’s best-known photographers documented…
February 28, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Vintage Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico Now Available Through The Ansel Adams Gallery

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico is an image that Ansel recognized as important from the moment he first made it. He even wanted to make a duplicate exposure, but in the 20 seconds it took to insert the negative slide, pull the carrier, flip it over and reinsert it into the camera, pull the slide and cock the shutter, the light was gone. It was that close from never happening
June 22, 2015/by Guest Author

Virginia Best Adams: The Woman Behind The Legend

Virginia Best and Ansel Adams met in Yosemite in 1921. It was during one of Ansel’s first summers in the park, and as an enthusiastic young musician at the time, his time in the mountains posed a dilemma: where to practice his music?
January 6, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Waterfalls and Rapids | April 2020

Experience the power and grace of rushing water with Ansel Adams' images of thundering falls, dancing rapids, and explosive geyers.
April 15, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Wedded in the Spray of Bridal Veil Falls

Romantic Story of Yosemite Where Artist and Singer Met, Wooed…
March 19, 2019/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

White House Ruin

"Only when I had completed the prints [of this image] months…
February 27, 2013/by rfclient

Who brought Georgia O’Keeffe, D.H. Lawrence and Ansel Adams to New Mexico?

How does a socialite from Buffalo, New York become the center of a modernist movement in a town in the middle of the American Wild West?
August 28, 2015/by Guest Author
Winter Sunrise from Lone Pine

Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada from Lone Pine, 1944 – Modern Replica in sizes up to 30″x38″

On four successive mornings Adams tried to take this photograph…
November 8, 2012/by rfclient

On Exhibit in Yosemite ‘Within Sight: The Road To Home” by Roman Loranc

The Ansel Adams Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition of original silver gelatin photographs by renowned photographer Roman Loranc.
August 22, 2018/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Yosemite Information

With a bit of planning and some helpful tips, your experience at Yosemite National Park will be easier, safer and more fun. We recommend looking through all of the tips here as you plan your trip. With a great plan and a smart way to get from place to place, you’ll be ready to start exploring the moment you arrive.
May 11, 2012/by rfclient

Yosemite Reverence: New Paintings by James McGrew

pening on February 23rd and running through April 11th, 2020, “Yosemite Reverence: New Paintings by James McGrew” will showcase the dramatic beauty of winter storms and spring runoff; another chapter in the great relationship between humans and nature and art.
February 27, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Yosemite Reverence: New Paintings by James McGrew

April 9, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Yosemite Special Edition Photographs

Ansel Adams launched the Yosemite Special Edition series in 1958. Today, Alan Ross makes each Special Edition Photograph by hand from Adams ' original negative on gelatin silver fiber paper. $325
March 8, 2016/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Yosemite Special Edition Photographs | February 2020

Purchase and learn more about this series of Yosemite Special Edition Photographs
February 18, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Yosemite Valley: As Photographed by Ansel Adams

Yosemite Valley
"That first impression of the valley - white water, azaleas, cool fir cavners, tall pine and stolid oakes, cliffs rising to undreamed-of-hights, the poignant sound and smells of the Sierra - was culmination of experiences so intense as to be almost painful" - Ansel Adams
March 31, 2020/by The Ansel Adams Gallery
yosemite valley winter by Ansel Adams

Yosemite Valley Winter

Ansel Adams made this image around 1959 with an 8" x 10" view…
January 30, 2017/by The Ansel Adams Gallery

Yosemite Web Cams

Visit Yosemite from your desktop or mobile device. These 24/7 webcams are provided by the Yosemite Conservancy.
May 12, 2012/by rfclient