Many Happy Returns

Represented Artists, Yosemite Experiences

Photographic Meditations on Yosemite

The photograph is the record of modern life; it is both the art and vehicle, and in many ways the voice, which narrates and catalogs our being. They are something to share, but also something to receive. At their most truthful, they convey a harmony of place, autobiography and metaphor: where we are, who we are, what we believe in. They are a commencement and confirmation of a resolute meditation.

Opening on June 6th at The Ansel Adams Gallery, “Many Happy Returns: Photographic Meditations on Yosemite” will feature a variety of works which share stories of experience and intuition (and some luck) and reflection; of a long and continuing relationship that today reverberates as hopeful as ever.

For more information, please email our curator at, or call 209.372.4413

See all Exhibit Photographs:

Charles Cramer Dogwood, Spring, Merced River, Yosemite
Charles Cramer Young Pine, Upper Young Lake, Yosemite 
Charles Cramer Meadow and Sun, Autumn, Yosemite 
Michael Frye Lunar Eclipse Sequence, 1:23 am to 4:49 am
Michael Frye Sunset over Yosemite Valley with Horsetail Fall
Michael Frye Autumn Sunrise, Half Dome and the Merced River, Yosemite
Charlotte Gibb Winter into Spring, Bridalveil Fall
Charlotte Gibb When the Forest Stirs, Yosemite
Charlotte Gibb The Mighty Ponderosa, Yosemite
Bob Kolbrener Portrait of Half Dome
Bob Kolbrener Sierra Wave Cloud, YNP 1981
Bob Kolbrener Bridalveil Fall, YNP 1974
William Neill Half Dome and Elm Tree, Winter, Yosemite National Park
William Neill Clearing Winter Storm, Sentinel Rock
William Neill Half Dome and Tenaya Canyon at Sunset from Washburn Point, Yosemite National Park, California 1996
Alan Ross Spring Rain, Yosemite
Alan Ross Gates of the Valley
Alan Ross Corn Lily Leaves, Yosemite
John Sexton Merced River and Forest, Yosemite Valley
John Sexton Tenaya Lake and Clouds, Afternoon, Yosemite
John Sexton Foam and Water, Yosemite
Keith Walklet Jeffrey Pine and Rainbow
Keith Walklet Bridalveil Fall, Stormlight, Yosemite
Keith Walklet Lunar Rainbow, Upper Yosemite Fall

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