How to Use This App

Guidance v. Directions

This app can guide you to approximately where Ansel was when he made a particular photograph. Finding the exact location is part of the fun, dependent on clues within Ansel’s photograph. We recommend exploring the neighborhood to find the spot before zooming in. FIND Your Ansel !

This app does not provide directions or route maps. Getting to a point requires your own ingenuity and planning, and the most direct route may not be the safest, wisest, or most scenic. We encourage everyone to explore their surroundings with an eye to safety first, then appreciating the natural beauty [and consideration for the environment] [and consideration for other visitors]. Ansel made the photograph he did from the place he did, not necessarily because of anything specific about THAT spot, rather that was where conditions that he experienced on THAT day told him that was the place to set up his camera. In the intervening years and seasons, from that day to the day you visit, things have changed and single pointed focus on the place Ansel made his photograph may lead you to miss something wonderful. Find YOUR Ansel !

Leave No Trace

When Ansel was photographing these locations, generally between 60 and 90 years ago, there were not many people around. Today it is different, sites are easily overwhelmed, and each person needs to be mindful that their own visit can negatively impact the site for visitors for years. The effort you make to Leave No Trace : Stay on existing trails; Pack it in / pack it out; Observe, photograph, enjoy, but leave it alone, will help protect these spectacular places for future visitors.

Download Map Regions !!!

Most of the places Ansel photographed have limited, if any, network internet access. Key features of this app require information readily available online, or for that information to be already on your device. Before you head out on your hike, be sure to download the relevant Region. Failure to do so will result in frustration and disappointment. To do this, enter the map region desired and touch the download icon on the top right of the screen. When it is gray, the map region has been downloaded and you are ready to go ! Each Region is limited to 15 images due to downloadable file size constraints. Additional Regions will be available as developed, and may be entirely new regions or may supplement existing regions with additional images.

Enable Functions While Using App

Enable access to camera and camera roll in order to save and upload your photos. Enable location services while using app in order to be able to see your location in relation to Ansel’s tripod holes.