Gifts for the Home

Artwork customized to fit any space in the home, from large statement pieces to smaller works that fill favorite little nooks.

1. Ansel Adams Modern Replicas ~ $149 – $2,499

Aspens, Northern New Mexico2. Ansel Adams Framed Reproductions ~ $85 – $270
Moonrise, Hernandez3. Yosemite Special Edition Photographs ~ $375 – $800
Oak Tree, Snowstorm


Timeless works of art that continue to inspire year after year.

Bestseller Catalog: Ansel Adams Famous Images
Ansel Adams Famous Images

Gifts Handmade by Ansel Adams

The ultimate gift. A handmade and signed original gelatin silver photograph by Ansel Adams himself.

Typically priced from $4,000 to $70,000, the cost of an original photograph is determined by its origin, condition, size, and scarcity. Every Adams original includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Ansel Adams, “Moon and Clouds, Northern California,” Original Gelatin Silver Photograph

Ansel Adams, “Moon and Clouds, Northern California,” Original Gelatin Silver Photograph.

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Unique Gifts: Photography Experiences

Treat a loved one to a spectacular treat in Yosemite National Park. Gift them the experience of a private photography guide, customized to their goals and level of adventure, or an immersive workshop in Yosemite Valley.

1. Yosemite Private Photography Guiding ~ Starting at $375

Private Photography Guiding with The Ansel Adams Gallery 2020 from The Ansel Adams Gallery on Vimeo.

2. Multi-Day Workshops in Yosemite Valley ~ Starting at $1,050

Photography Workshops in Yosemite Valley

3. Photography Classes taught by Resident Photographers ~ Starting at $65

Yosemite Valley Photography Classes with The Ansel Adams Gallery from The Ansel Adams Gallery on Vimeo.

Ansel Adams Gifts by Price

From Ansel Adams note cards to Special Edition Photographs to Ansel’s handmade original photographs, we have gifts for every person and every price range. Explore our gifts by price to find exactly what you are looking for.

1. Notecards, Books, and Calendars ~ Starting at $14.95

Ansel Adams is one of the most widely published artists in history. Unfortunately, when it comes to books and calendars, we’ve been Amazoned. Our boxed notecards are only available here, books and calendars are linked to your best price alternative, Amazon. Out of print Ansel Adams books can be found at or

Ansel Adams Wall Calendar

2. Ansel Adams Authorized Posters and Framed Reproductions ~ Starting at $85

Framed Reproductions come in the widest assortment of Ansel Adams images are our most cost-friendly option. Elegantly framed, these duo-tone reproductions are sourced from the Ansel Adams Authorized Edition Wall Calendar and come in your choice of small or medium sizing.

Moonrise, Hernandez by Ansel Adams

3. Ansel Adams Modern Replicas (Digitally Mastered Prints) ~ Starting at $149

Modern Replicas were created by the Ansel Adams family to showcase works from across Ansel’s entire career at the highest possible quality next to a silver photograph. Each digitally-mastered replica is made from an original photograph to capture the look, feel and luster that Ansel intended. Exclusive to The Ansel Adams Gallery, Modern Replicas come in a variety of image sizes, up to 40×50 inches.

White House Ruin by Ansel Adams

4. Ansel Adams Yosemite Special Edition Gelatin Silver Photographs ~ Starting at $375

Ansel Adams began the Yosemite Special Edition Photograph series in 1958 to offer beautiful works of art as an affordable alternative to original photographs. Each 8×10 inch silver photograph is hand-crafted from the artist’s original negative by Alan Ross, a master photographer and Ansel Adams’ former assistant. Utilizing the artist’s exacting instructions, or ‘recipes,’ Mr. Ross completes each individual print according to Ansel’s guidance. Exclusive to The Ansel Adams Gallery, Special Edition Photographs celebrate Ansel’s tribute to Yosemite’s grandeur.

Cathedral Peaks by Ansel Adams

5. Ansel Adams Original Photographs ~ Typically ranging from $7,000 to $70,000

Every original photograph is a masterpiece composed, exposed and printed by world renowned photographer Ansel Adams. With exquisite plays of light and dark, each gelatin silver photograph exhibits a moment captured by Ansel’s eye brought to life through his masterful touch. Only a finite number of original works exist in the world.

Mount Williamson by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams, “Mount Williamson from Manzanar,” Original Gelatin Silver Photograph

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