Silver Pastoral: Original Photographs by Roman Loranc

Open and rural spaces can exude a sensation of comfort and confirmation.  Ansel Adams and John Muir both subscribed to this philosophy.  And over time, it has weaved its way into a religious and secular identity that could simply be considered honest; to celebrate such places is to be moral.

Growing up in Poland Roman Loranc found his own solace exploring the woods, rivers and meadow marshlands in the mountains around his home, the small village of Rybarzowice.  These were “safe havens” which became muses.  Today throughout his many travels, Mr. Loranc trains his large-format camera on these subjects, composing visual poems from light and silver.  His images reveal the tranquility he still finds in these settings, and his prints commemorate an ideal pastoral.

Roman currently lives and works out of his studio in Northern California producing delicate hand printed gelatin silver photographs that are toned in sepia and selenium.  Please join us at The Ansel Adams Gallery for his exhibition “Silver Pastoral” opening on October 3rd and running through November 13th, 2021 in Yosemite Valley.   There will be several pieces on display including two of Roman’s very limited (edition of 5) mural photographs: Private Road with Clouds, and Homeward Bound.