Ephemeral Beauty: New Paintings by James McGrew

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Ephemeral Beauty: New Paintings by James McGrew

One of the great relationships in history is the one forged between humans and nature, the intervening courtship often interpreted through the artistic mediums of the time.  Yosemite’s own success story owes much to the romantics of the nineteenth century, whose photographs and paintings helped bare the conservation movement.  Today, these talismans of silver and oil are held in great reverence, as affirmations of yesterday, and mnemonics for tomorrow.

With his own dedicated approach, en plein air and on elaborate studio canvases, painter James McGrew has continued this tradition.  On his affinity for Yosemite and the state of conservation and climate, James has written:

‘As more visitors flock to national parks which embody the most uniquely beautiful scenery in the world, we often find ephemeral or transient events as the most memorable or compelling experiences.  This may be best represented by sunrise/sunset and the firefall-like effect on Horsetail Fall, nocturnal adventures, chance wildlife encounters, solitude among ancient sequoias, spring waterfalls and flowers, thunderstorms, autumn color,  fresh snow, or even a the simple sudden view from a wilderness trail.  Such magical events inspire lasting impressions and emotions.  On a larger scale, Yosemite’s unique beauty seems more evanescent and precarious in the face of rapidly changing climate and wildfire behavior, and increasingly altered, isolated ecosystems and the resulting endangered species.  However, when we slow down and spend time exploring in nature, we find wonderful rays of hope and inspiration. .’

Opening on February 27th and running through April 23rd, 2022, “Ephemeral Beauty: New Paintings by James McGrew” will continue this tradition in Yosemite, with a nod to the past and an eye on the future.

More About the Artist: James McGrew

Paintings in the exhibition:

Last Light at Union Point | Wilderness Winter Sunset on the Edge | Sunset on the Grizzly Giant |
Yosemite Ghost Owl Encounter | Tissiak and Peregrine | In Bierstadt’s Footsteps | Yosemite Falls Abstract |
Last Look, Valley View | Cho-Looke Winter en Plein Air from Cook’s Meadow | NEOWISE and Tu-Tok-A-Nu’-La |
Thunderstorm Drama, Spotlight on Half Dome | Late Winter at Crocket Point | Winter Storm at Tunnerlview, Plein Air
Morning after a Spring Storm | Clearing Thunderstorm Over the Valley of Ahwahnee | Cho-Looke |
Into the Valley of Ahwannee | Half Dome, Morning, from Washburn Point | Bridalveil and Leaning Tower, Winter |
Thunderstorm over Pywiack | Summer at Valley View | Autumn Color On Trail to Inspiration Point |
Towering Yosemite Falls | Moonlight on the Firehole, Yellowstone | Drama at Castle Geyser, Yellowstone |
Soaring Past Powell Point, Grand Canyon | East of Observation Point, Zion |
Winter’s Light, Angel’s Landing Trail, Zion | Bridalveil Fall and Leaning Tower in Winter | Sentinel Rock over Cook’s Meadow

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