dogwood blossoms by Ansel Adams

Dogwood Blossoms – A New Modern Replica

In Yosemite right now, the waterfalls are roaring and the showy Dogwoods are in bloom! A true harbinger of Spring, the blossoms emerge like constellations of stars against the bare forest backdrop.

With this intimate and quiet photograph, Ansel Adams brought forth the striking serenity of nature, as William Blake once wrote, “there can be a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower.”  Many of Adams’ images draw our attention to the beauty of the everyday through the close view of his camera. It’s been said that we only protect what we love, and we only love what we know.  Ansel Adams has helped us to know the natural world, and his images of the American landscape have inspired generations.

Ansel Adams made this image with a 5 inch by 7 inch view camera in 1938, the year he trekked through the high sierra with Edward Weston. To capture the 12 blossoms in this spectacular spray of dogwoods, he placed them atop a nearby rock covered with pine needles and lichen creating a very contemporary composition.

The Sierra Club published “Dogwood Blossoms” in 1960 after Ansel Adams selected it, along with 15 other images, for inclusion in Portfolio III, Yosemite Valley.  Later, Adams selected it for his Museum Set Collection, a retrospective portfolio of what he considered his strongest work. This striking image has been published in many books and catalogs and is one of his best-known photographs.

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