Consigning and Selling Original Photographs

Many collectors find many reasons to sell part or all of their photographic collections. Taxes, home remodels and purchases, inheritances, college tuition, refocusing the collection, and cashing out an investment are the more common reasons we see. And while nobody likes to see a dear friend go, there are times when it simply makes sense.

The Ansel Adams Gallery will buy or consign original Ansel Adams photographs in excellent or pristine condition only. We will on occasion buy or consign signed or initialed Yosemite Special Edition Photographs. If you are interested in selling or consigning your photograph, please contact Following is a brief discussion of the process.

A transaction price will be based on a percentage of the estimated retail price. We will provide an estimated range of sale prices that serves as the basis for our offer. The percentage varies by condition, sale-ability / desirability of the image, and whether it is a consignment transaction or a sale transaction. A sale transaction will provide a lower return to the collector than a consignment transaction, but immediate payment.

Prior to shipping or delivering the photograph(s), we recommend the collector make a cursory inspection and provide us with the following information:

  • Image title;
  • Print size and mount size;
  • Signature pencil or ink and location;
  • Stamp, label, or writing on reverse of mount;
  • Noticeable scratches, stains, dents, or damage;
  • Print history / provenance.

You may need to de-frame the photograph, and if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, we recommend that you make an appointment with a local framer to take the photograph out of the frame. Please take care, as condition has a significant impact on the value of your photograph, even potentially devaluing it to zero.

Last Updated on September 22, 2020