Artist Reception with Painter James McGrew

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Recently, our Gallery celebrated a new exhibition of paintings by artist James McGrew. Members of our Yosemite community and park visitors joined together to experience James’ luminous works up close and learn more about the artist’s creative process and affiliation to Yosemite National Park. James is best known for his intricate oil paintings interpreting western National Parks. He’s stated that his primary objective in painting is to help inspire love and protection of our national parks and environment as a whole.

View artwork.

James prefers to paint directly from life and often works up to about 30×40” en plein air. However, he creates his most refined and largest paintings in the studio from his plein air references. James hikes or backpacks several hundred miles a year, looking for unique perspectives and a deeper connection with nature.

McGrew’s paintings hang in collections around the world and have shown in numerous solo shows, national and international exhibitions and plein air invitationals, receiving many awards including best of show at Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, the Zion Foundation Award, and 5 consecutive People’s Choice Awards at Grand Cayon and 3 consecutive years at Zion. He is an artist member of the California Art Club and a signature member of both the American Impressionist Society and the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.

We hope you enjoy this collection of images from our reception for the artist. Explore more of his most recent paintings on display at The Ansel Adams Gallery. For inquiries, please email our Curator at