Condition Dictionary

Print Condition Definitions

Photograph condition is always difficult to assess & somewhat subjective. Our rating system for assessing condition on prints between 40-90 yrs.
Ansel Adams Proof Print

Proof Prints in Detail

A “Proof” Print is not the same as “Artist Proof”, which is a finished work reserved by the Artist. Think of Proof Prints as "Work Prints."
ansel adams original photograph stamp

What is It?

During Ansel Adams long career as a photographer and educator, he created a wide variety of images depending upon technology and opportunity.
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Do I Have an Original?

Is it an Original or Reproduction Photograph? What to look for to tell whether your Ansel Adams prints is a fine art collectable.
care for photographs

Care Instructions for Photographs

The fine photographic print is a delicate object. The surface is easily marred, and any damage will be readily apparent. Here is how to care for photographs.
Condition Dictionary
Ansel Adams and Edward Weston Exhibit at Cantor Art Museum

Understanding the Market

There are a variety of marketplaces for buying and selling Ansel Adams Original Photographs. Read about the markets and their characteristics.
Ansel Adams Gallery Value Statement
Ansel Adams and Edward Weston Exhibit at Cantor Art Museum

Consigning and Selling Ansel Adams Original Photographs

The Ansel Adams Gallery will buy or consign original Ansel Adams photographs in excellent or pristine condition only.