On Common Ground

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MaryEllen Hackett and Martino Hoss are two artists with unique paths to their own shared reverence for the Sierra.  Born and raised on opposite coasts, from different generations, both found an inspiration in our public spaces - most notably Yosemite. On Common Ground: Two Artists’ Unique Paths in our Public Lands opens at The Ansel Adams Gallery on July 29th, 2023 and runs through September 16th.

INTREPID: One Hundred (and Two) Years of Photographing the High Sierra

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As some of Ansel Adams’ earliest well-known negatives begin to celebrate their centennial of creation, we hope you will join us in recognizing their significance, as well as the work they inspired. To commemorate this occasion, we are hosting an exhibition to honor photographers, both past and present. ‘Intrepid: One Hundred (and Two) Years Photographing the High Sierra’ will open at The Ansel Adams Gallery on June 25th and runs through July 29th, 2023.

Gallery History

In the summer of 1901, a landscape painter and political cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle by the name of Harry Best took an excursion to Yosemite Valley to camp and paint. Little did he know that this trip would have, indirectly, such an impact on so many.

Gallery Activities

There are quite a few things going on, with the Gallery and through other organizations within Yosemite. Gallery programs are detailed here, and you can visit our calendar to find more information about dates, times, and other park programs.


We represent many contemporary photographers, and rotate exhibitions of their work approximately every 6 weeks in Yosemite. Click here to see current and upcoming exhibitions.

Yosemite Information

With a bit of planning and some helpful tips, your experience at Yosemite National Park will be easier, safer and more fun. We recommend looking through all of the tips here as you plan your trip. With a great plan and a smart way to get from place to place, you’ll be ready to start exploring the moment you arrive.