To Our Loyal Ansel Adams Family:

In our eternal optimism, we are releasing our Spring Workshop schedule for 2022. It is later than usual, but we hope still in time for your planning. As you may know, we ended up canceling our fall workshops in 2020 and all but one spring workshop in 2021. Unfortunately, COVID has been prevalent in Yosemite Valley, and the ongoing pandemic has dramatically impacted our Gallery.

The Ansel Adams Gallery now requires all staff to be vaccinated. We have also implemented safety practices that support the recommendations of the CDC and other notable health organizations. Our team has been fortunate throughout the pandemic. We have avoided any infections on staff, and we remain committed to the safety of our guests and colleagues. Our experience in the past year-plus is that workshops are more of an all-or-nothing service. Therefore, if there is an active reason to restrict participation, it is also a reason to cancel the program. This is a must due to ancillary services and the overall Yosemite experience as anything else.

We sincerely apologize to those who signed up to join our workshops in 2020 or 2021 for any inconvenience. Like many others, we are assuming that in 2022, COVID will likely be under control, or there will be a general accepted response to the virus. If that is not the case, we will cancel the programs and fully refund participant payments.

Those familiar with the Gallery’s workshop program will see a couple of changes.

Charles Cramer, a perennial favorite, is uncertain of his ability to teach at the level he is accustomed to, and demands of himself. Therefore, Charles has requested that we hold off on promoting his workshops for now. We are hopeful that he will rejoin our lineup in 2022, most likely in 2023.

Keith Walklet is another favorite who has found that family needs make it difficult to commit to workshops in 2022. Keith is hopeful of returning in 2023.

We have also added two photographers to our workshop program and plan to add more.

Dan Burkholder has been a thought and practice leader in photography for more than 30 years. Dan was an early adopter of digital technology and is an incredible teacher with years of experience. He is graciously offering a 5 day workshop on how to get files out of your iPhone and turn them into something spectacular on paper.

Kirk Keeler was a staff photographer for the Gallery for eight years. Kirk developed and co-developed several of the Gallery’s notable photography classes. His deep and exceptional experience in Yosemite makes him an ideal candidate to lead our field program – The Incomparable Valley. He is also leading a new workshop in night photography, which we expect will be very popular.

Our team remains committed to providing the highest quality services and guest experiences. We will stay committed to our standards and the safety of all our guests. On behalf of the Ansel Adams Gallery Staff, we appreciate your support while we navigate through this ever-changing world.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Thank you for being part of the Ansel Adams Gallery family and keeping Ansel’s legacy alive.