Special Black Friday Class – Using your Digital Camera + Digital Darkroom Class

November 20, 2012

Call 209-372-4413 to reserve space (for Friday Nov 23, 2012)

Yosemite calls to photographers of all experience levels and interests. As a result, for several years The Ansel Adams Gallery has offered field classes for these photographers traveling through Yosemite and looking to advance their knowledge base about the medium. To compliment this established program, The Gallery is now pleased to offer a five hour class designed to combine the joy of field work, with the enlightening diligence of darkroom exercises. 

As a participant, you will spend three hours in an outdoor Yosemite setting, learning how to capture the proper digital image. Then you will head back to our workshop room where you will discover how to make that capture into, as Ansel Adams put it, the final, “visualized” image. 

You will be required to bring your own camera equipment. Although there are a few computers available for participants in our workshop room, we highly recommend that you bring a personal laptop to ensure you get the most out of the class. For those of you bringing a personal computer, please be sure to have a trial version of Adobe’s Lightroom pre-downloaded so that we may make efficient use of darkroom time during the class. A thumb drive or external hard drive is recommended to save your images. We also recommend an additional note taking device, or notepad and pencil. 

The class is designed for beginning and intermediate level photographers, however artists of all ability levels are welcome to attend.

Call 209-372-4413 to reserve space (for Friday Nov 23, 2012)

Class fee is $150 and limited to 8 participants. Starting time will be 10:00 AM for the field session, which will last until 1:00PM. We will break for lunch between 1:00PM and 2:00PM before meeting back in the workshop room for the darkroom session, which will last until 4:00PM.