Photography Education

60 Years of Photography Education

From free Camera Walks to five-day workshops, The Ansel Adams Gallery has many photography education programs to suit the need of both the novice and expert photographer.

  • Photography Workshops – Limited Space

    Multi-day workshops held in Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra. Courses offered in field photography, using digital photography tools, Photoshop, printing techniques and traditional darkroom printing methods. Very few spaces left.

  • Photo Classes & Guiding

    Follow in the Ansel’s footsteps or learn to get the most out of your digital camera. These half day classes are given in Yosemite throughout the year. Choose from "Using your digital camera" or "In the footsteps of Ansel Adams."
    A private guiding session with one of our gallery staff photographers in Yosemite National Park will allow you to learn about and photograph at selection of the prime locations within Yosemite National Park.

  • Camera Walks

    Free Camera walks are led by staff photographers. Offered every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Limited to 15 people. Topics include the history of photography in establishing the National Park system, how to use your camera and landscape composition.