Museum unveils new photography exhibit

by Justin Crann October 28, 2012

Some of the more than 60 photos on display in the Two Views photo exhibit at the Western Development Museum.

Some of the more than 60 photos on display in the Two Views photo exhibit at the Western Development Museum

The Moose Jaw Western Development Museum opened a new photography exhibit on Saturday.

The exhibit, called Two Views: Photography by Ansel Adams and Leonard Frank, features photographs of Japanese Americans and Canadians being taken to and held in internment camps during the latter years of the Second World War.

The photos were taken by respected landscape photographer Ansel Adams and commercial photographer Leonard Frank.

“There’s some pretty neat pictures,” said Frances Simms, a visitor to the Museum from Calgary. “This one seems particularly interesting because it’s something that hasn’t been talked about a lot.”

Simms said that the lack of information and discussion about Japanese internment camps is disappointing.

“To be honest, this is the first time that I’ve seen pictures or come into contact with something about it,” she said, “It’s internment camps… it’s something that never gets talked about.”

Kyla McIntyre, another visitor to the Museum, wasn’t specifically seeking out the exhibit, but was drawn in by a few of the photographs on display.

“I’m interested in photography, and the portraits (of Japanese Canadians) are what caught my eye from the outside,” she said.

The internment camps were opened in the 1940s after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour. Around 22,000 Japanese Canadians were held by the Canadian government, with many detained in camps across British Columbia.

The exhibit, originally from the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia, will be on display at the Western Development Museum until early February, 2013.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information about the Western Development Museum and the Two Views exhibit, including admission costs, visit their website.