Latest Horsetail Fall Information – Yosemite’s Phenomenon of Light

by Kirk Keeler February 14, 2013

Horsetail Fall

Horsetail Fall by Kirk Keeler

NOAA 7-day forecast calls for precipitation to descend upon Yosemite
Valley beginning next Tuesday, February 19th.  This is excellent news
for those of you wanting to photograph Horsetail Fall!

I was out last night guiding some folks around Yosemite Valley.  They
wanted to finish their session at a place to photograph Horsetail
Fall.  Although not in the prime light window of February 16 – 23, if
there’s sunlight and enough water, the fall can be pretty amazing in
the days preceding the optimum window.

As seen from my photo above, there was simply not enough water in
Horsetail Falls to put on a show last night.  In fact, I’ll say there
was no water in the fall.  You can click on the image above to see the
larger version.  The light colored rock in the right edge of the light
is Horsetail Fall.  However, Horsetail is nothing more than a wet
streak on the east face of El Capitan.

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