Clouds of Grace: Yosemite Water – a new film by Sterling Johnson

November 19, 2013

Clouds of Grace: Yosemite Water, a film by Sterling Johnson $20

Clouds of Grace: Yosemite Water, a film by Sterling Johnson $20

“CLOUDS OF GRACE, Yosemite Water,” is a film by world-renown filmmaker, Sterling Johnson. This beautifully edited film, photographed over a period of 13 years, was shot entirely in Yosemite National Park. It is a masterpiece to be watched again and again. The glorious waterfalls, pristine lakes, and sparkling streams, along with Yosemite’s immense rock mountains, create a deep sense of awe at Yosemite’s natural beauty. This visual and emotional experience is simply breathtaking. It will make you thirst for more.

“CLOUDS OF GRACE” Diane and David Arkenstone have combined their music artistry and creativity, and unique writing talents to produce beautiful, awe-inspiring, heart-awakening sounds that will reach down into the very soul of the listener. Diane states that her “greatest joy is in writing, because in creating music I feel a profound freedom that gives me a reason to live and love every day.” Diane and David Arkenstone and AH NEE MAH have combined their many talents to provide the rhythmic, melodic,and pulsating Native American-inspired music for “CLOUDS OF GRACE.”

“CLOUDS OF GRACE” Ranger Shelton Johnson, a nationally-known storyteller at Yosemite is providing the special commentary track for “Clouds of Grace.” His passion includes travel across America to speak with kids about the natural world and its value. This is his heart: “How do I get to them? I can’t forget that little black kid in Detroit. And I can’t not think of the other kids, just like me; how do I get to them here?”