Yosemite National Park in partnership with the Ansel Adams Gallery presented the Youth In Yosemite Short Film Contest in coordination with the esteemed “Range of Light” adult film contest- “A Celebration of Yosemite Through Film.”  The youth contest was so well received declared one park ranger excitedly at the conclusion of the contest, that she […]


Photographer Jerry Uelsmann will speak about his friendship with Adams and how Adams expanded the public’s appreciation of photography and the art of darkroom printing, 2 p.m. March 30, Harn Museum of Art, 3259 Hull Road University of Florida campus. The lecture connects with the current installation titled “Masterpiece Series: Ansel Adams,” which consists of […]

Moonrise, Hernandez by Ansel Adams

Driving back to Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 31, 1941, after what had been a disappointing day for picture-taking, photographer Ansel Adams (1902-84) brought his car to an abrupt stop, yelling to his companions to bring him his tripod, exposure meter and other photographic equipment so that he could take what would become one […]

Karen Hellman

‘Best of best’ of Ansel Adams’ photos on display

by Associated Press March 17, 2014

  LOS ANGELES — During the last years of his life, Ansel Adams pored over the tens of thousands of negatives he’d carefully stored since his teens, setting aside 70 he determined would stand as his greatest works of art. Adams offered to personally print, sign and sell sets of 25 photographs from them — […]


Why You Can’t Miss the New Jackson Pollock & Ansel Adams Exhibits

by Jessica Estrada, March 13, 2014

1. This is the first appearance of Ansel Adams artwork at the Getty. This exhibition is the first time Adams’ internationally recognized landscape photographs will be showcased at the Getty Museum. The showcase also honors Adams on the 30th anniversary of his passing. 2. Adams himself curated a collection of his best work. The Getty […]

Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California

Oklahoma City Museum of Art to exhibit Ansel Adams photographs “Ansel Adams: An American Perspective” will feature nearly 60 black-and-white photographs by the revered artist. Organized by the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, the exhibit will open Saturday and remain on view through June 1. The work of one of the most revered artists […]


Lou’s Views: Pictures perfect Ansel Adams

by Lou Harry March 1, 2014

When you think about Ansel Adams, the images likely to come to mind are his breathtaking Yosemite Park landscape photographs, where incredible depth of field and stark black and white give nature a timeless majesty. Of course, these are the essential images that anchor the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art’s new show, […]

Ansel by Cedric Wright

The best of Ansel Adams at the Eiteljorg

by Will Higgins, February 26, 2014

It’s the 25-year-old museum’s third Adams show. The last one set attendance records. Works by Ansel Adams, the venerated photographer of the American West, are back at the Eiteljorg Museum. Some 80 of his photos, the ones he personally selected as his best (out of the tens of thousands he produced), will go on display […]


KMA Unveils a New Exhibition of Ansel Adams’ Photographs

by Heather Joyner Spica, February 19, 2014

Work by the 20th-century photography titan Ansel Adams is so familiar to so many people that it can be taken for granted. Nevertheless, relatively few gallery-goers have seen more than a few images from Adams’ sole foray into the southern Appalachian mountains in the fall of 1948. Sight and Feeling, a newly opened exhibition at […]


More than 80 images represent the best of Adams’ prolific career. Indianapolis, Indiana (PRWEB) February 18, 2014 Before he became known as the creator of some of the most influential photographs ever taken, Ansel Adams was a restless teenager with a simple Kodak camera. It was a 1916 family vacation in the Yosemite Valley that […]