Ansel Adams photos in Springfield

by Brett Turner, Contributing Writer, Springfield News Sun February 12, 2014

Museum of Art exhibit opens on Friday.

Moonrise, Hernandez by Ansel AdamsIt’s easy to take photographs for granted when we can take a high definition picture on a cell phone.

Nearly a century ago, Ansel Adams established himself as one of the top early photographers, capturing natural beauty and became a pioneer in raising photo standards.

“Classic Images: Photographs by Ansel Adams” collects 72 black and white images of what he considered his best work from a portfolio Adams personally collected for his daughter. It opens Friday and runs through May 11 at the Springfield Museum of Art.

Adams was one of early stars of the photography world. A trip to Yosemite National Park in 1916 ignited his two prime interests — nature and photography.

Adams’ photos of the American West opened up a whole new world right within the country for many people in days when travel and funds were limited for many Americans.

“His photos captured the imagination of a whole generation of Americans,” said Springfield Museum of Art Executive Director Ann Fortescue.

Adams was especially inventive with his use of light and shadow. He didn’t just take the photos, but worked hard to preserve them.

He formed a group with other photographers intent on creating better ways of controlling exposure and definition, something of a high definition pioneer before the term was created.

Fortescue said some visitors will recognize certain images. She’s also proud the prints were supervised by Adams himself, which adds a personal touch.

“Some of these photos you will almost want to step into,” she said.

Fortescue added this exhibit is one of several the Springfield Museum of Art does to showcase the variety of art forms.

“We’re proud to bring a balance of art media to Springfield,” she said. “Photographs are a fine art form and these were created by a master of capturing the image.”

A special party for the exhibit will be 8-11 p.m. March 15 at the museum. A joint event with the Tecumseh Land Trust, it will celebrate two of Adams’s interests, art and land conservation. Admission is $35 for non-members and $25 for members. See Original Article

How to go

What: “Classic Images: Photographs by Ansel Adams”

Where: Springfield Museum of Art, 107 Cliff Park Road, Springfield

When: Feb. 14 through May 11 during museum hours

Admission: $8 adults; $3 members and those age 17 and younger

More info: 937-325-4673 or