A Unique Opportunity in Fine Art Photography – Jeffrey Conley

August 13, 2012

The Unique Opportunity for August 2012

The gallery has maintained a dedication to celebrating the arts ever since its humble beginnings in a tent cabin in 1902, and we aim to continue this tradition with programs like the one presented here. Images are selected for their aesthetic and dramatic impact by the artist and gallery curator, and prints will be available at 25% off the regular market price for one week. After this inaugural week, these prints will return to full price, and made available to the general public.

The Ansel Adams Gallery is thrilled to offer its collectors, friends and fellow art lovers, a chance to participate in a unique opportunity. From time to time on our website, we will be featuring a never-before- printed image from one of our distinguished Gallery artists at a discounted price, prior to its availability within the general market place. This month, we have arranged to present two images from Jeffrey Conley: “Grove of Poplar Trees, 2010,” and “Windswept Trees, 2011.” Both prints will be available in a limited 14”x18” size completely unique to this offer, and larger than the artist’s normal tier size of 12”x16”. While Jeff’s prints range in price from $1,200 to $3,000, you can now add one to your private collection for $900 – 25% off the initial retail price. Each print is made by Mr. Conley by hand in his darkroom, and printed to current archival standards, numbered and signed, as well as mounted, matted and ready for framing. The images will be limited to 40 in their respective editions, however only 20 prints of each will qualify for the The Unique Opportunity. The time to purchase will begin at 9:00 AM Pacific Time on Monday, August 13th, and will expire upon the close of business, Sunday, August 19th at 6:00 PM. Once the offer has expired, we anticipate an order fulfillment time of approximately four weeks to ensure the quality of each individual order. If you are ordering a print as a gift, we have all intention of shipping the prints to you in time for the holidays. This inaugural printing offer is available for a very limited time, after which, the print will return to full price.

Please visit www.anseladams.com/unique to purchase, or email our curator, Evan Russel, at evan@anseladams.com if you have questions about the prints or shipping.


The Story of the Images

Grove of Poplar Trees, Dusk, 2010

by Jeffrey Conley

Trees are frequently subjects of my photographs, as it is with the two photographs featured here. I have long felt not only a strong aesthetic appreciation of trees but a distinctly emotional connection to them as well. Many people over the years have told me they have similar feelings towards trees. I have heard that a mature tree annually produces as much oxygen during photosynthesis as 10 people inhale in a year. Maybe our appreciation of trees is linked to this wonderfully beneficial relationship we have with them. Their life gives us life!

I have visited this grove of poplar trees many times over the last several years as they are close to my home in the Pacific Northwest. There is something about being amongst these trees that is simultaneously serene, meditative, and enormously grand- like a cathedral. Each time I visit the grove, the seasonal elements, weather, and light are different. It was late afternoon on a clear September day, and as I walked through the grove I was transfixed by the play of rich light on the scene. The light was full and ethereal and seemed to reflect off the white tree trunks to create a wonderful luminosity into the deepest shadows. I set up my camera, composed, and made the exposure. Just after clicking the shutter, the absolute stillness was broken by a gentle breeze that made the leaves rustle, whispering the most wonderfully delicate sound.

This print will be made in an edition of 40, only 20 of which will qualify as part of this offer. If you are interested in a larger image size of this print, they are available, however the Unique Offer will not apply. Please email evan@anseladams.com to find out more.


Windswept Trees, 2011

by Jeffrey Conley 

This photograph was made on a quiet early morning last fall on the Oregon Central Coast. I had camped nearby, rose before dawn, made some strong camp coffee, and then went on a long hike out along this remote stretch of coastline.

As I hiked, the light kept changing- it was theatrical to watch. When I came across this scene and it stopped me in my tracks… Such stunning sculpted trees! The light was diffused by a delicate shroud of lifting mist and the scene felt prehistoric. The perched formation of lodgepole pine, still and serene on this particular morning, somehow thrive in this beautifully rugged part of the Pacific coastline. Even on a calm autumn morning, the enduring beauty of these trees chronicle the powerful and persistent winds that so distinctively shape them.

After I had set up my camera and made the exposure, I sat for a little while to watch the scene change and evolve. As the mist lifted, the soft, delicate light gave way to hard direct sunlight, completely altering the character of the place. I find the quest for that certain fleeting confluence of time and place in landscape photography to be endlessly inspiring.

This print will be made in an edition of 40, only 20 of which will qualify as part of this offer. If you are interested in a larger image size of this print, they are available, however the Unique Offer will not apply. Please email evan@anseladams.com to find out more.

The Story of the Artist

Jeffrey Conley is a fine art landscape photographer who specializes in creating traditional black and white prints. His meticulously crafted prints, made utilizing traditional darkroom processes, are made in small limited editions of 40 prints. His work has been widely exhibited and collected by private collectors and museums worldwide. In 2011 his monograph, Winter, was published by Nazraeli Press.

Conley’s photographs strive for a balanced simplicity that evoke his sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world. Scale and palette vary, from small, intimate and subtle, to large, grand and dramatic. In all he seeks to capture a meditative spirit that is unique in his approach to landscape photography. In the end he strives to create beautifully luminous handcrafted gelatin silver prints that he feels possess a a richness unique to the traditional process.

Originally from New York State, Jeffrey received a BFA in Photographic Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology. In 1991 he moved to Yosemite National Park in California’s majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. There he photographed extensively, taught photography at The Ansel Adams Gallery, and met his future wife. He now lives in the Willamette Valley of Oregon with his wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Ella.

Please be sure to check out more of Jeff’s work at www.jeffreyconley.com. You can also view more of his work on the Gallery’s website, www.anseladams.com.